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Lunatic Idea Of A Cyclekart/car

Cooper H   ZAF — Posted on The CycleKart Club
Friday January 27, 2017 2:18 AM

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2017-01-27 08:39:34 # 39912
Comment by Harles Schultz
Why not repurpose (2) 3 cylinder motorcycle engines? A coupling between the cranks and you are good to go. I agree on the in-line six looking cool but at least here in the States "Six in a row don't go" is the prevailing attitude since the 1932 introduction of the 1932 Ford flathead. GM tried again with the Atlas series 4.2 liter 6 in the Trailblazer/Envoy and got nowhere competing against V-8s and V-6s.
2017-01-27 12:42:02 # 39916
Comment by Brian Woods
Sounds like a "Bloody Mary" would be the perfect candidate for such a motor. Or a 1927 Delage??Brian
2017-01-28 09:48:54 # 39931
Comment by Cooper H
Harles Schultz, i've never thought about coupling 2 three cylinder engines together, that may work. I know the straight 6 isn't popular at all in America, but the Chrysler slant 6 did okay. People always change them for the v8s, but some people like the slant 6.
2017-01-28 15:40:36 # 39944
Comment by Bob Wilcox
I have a 65 El Camino with a 250 chevy inline 6 and a Holset 35 turbo and a lot of modifications to the head and lower end. This thing scares a lot of V8s.
2017-02-01 14:57:00 # 40022
Comment by Zoran R. P.
Hello Cooper, in-line six engines were popular in Europe and mostly look beautiful: Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volvo - not to forget Jaguar! But, that isn't so important for building small 6 cylinder in-line! I am not sure where could be found small 3 cylinder engine - exepct from old motorcycles? Smallest are Asian automobile engines, but in a range of 800-1000 cc. For 200-250 cc engine you should have 6 cylinders of 35 cc from small garden machines, but they are two-strokes... Smallest 4-stroke engines have 49 cc as I know, except maybe some for R/C models? In any case - great idea! Regards, Zoran .......... P.S.: As I remebr, Japanese had 5-cylinder 49 cc engines for GP racing, before officials brought roole that only one cylinder id allowed for 49 cc...
2017-02-02 14:06:53 # 40042
Comment by Cooper H
Zoran R.P. I think the inline six is a pipe dream, I started doing some scaled drawings using a 65 inch wheelbase. On my height and where the tub would go, I found that I had about 23 inches in the front for an engine if I chose to do that. I started looking at other cyclecars and found that quite a few used v-twins. I found a honda engine, a V-twin that didn't even take all my space up. The problem is it was 900cc. close to a 1 litre. A 900cc engine in 300 lbs of shaky scaled down parts would be crazy. I have found smaller V-twins since then, and for much cheaper. On a side note the 6 cylinder GP engines were in used from 1964-1967. They were apart of the RC Honda series. Here's an article petrolicious did on them here's the wikipedia page as well where I got the years from.
2017-02-02 15:50:09 # 40045
Comment by Zoran R. P.
Cooper - most of dreams shall stay just dreams, but who knows, maybe one day... In seventies, there were a few touring motorcycles with 6-cylinder inline engines, installed crosswise, air-cooled in 900 cc class as I remember: Benelli, Honda, Suzuki... They should be too expensive if ever found on market. For such engines (or your mentioned Honda V-twin 900 cc) you should build full-size light sport-cars in a style of Lotus 6 or 7 and its clones, or something like that... Small inline six is possible DIY project, but I am sure quite complicated and expensive... I have internet friend from Australia that built a lot of small or full size gasoline or steam engines, even replica of Oldsmobile CDO single cylinder and Ford Quadricycle two-cylinder. More cylinders, more complications - but doable, as he said. --- --- For V-twin: in Serbia, before I came here to Swiss, there were imported from China some kind of choppers with 250 cc V-twin (as mini Harley) and 5-speed gearbox relatively cheap. Not one saw here in S

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