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BasicWoodChassis Body Lines2
Yeah, well, nothing causes issues like a time-bound task, either. When things go right, OK, and when not, AUGGHHH!! Anyway, regular readers will recall that I, in a fit of inspiration, scheduled the First Northeast Dustoff got June 3 (and event to get together CKers hereabouts, so as to establish this hobby/sport in this corner of the US, and not let the northwesties and southwesties have all the fun). So, that means a little prep is required: a course of course, some food and drink, but mostly, get my CK project done. So earlier this month (May 2017), I got it running and even posted a sh...

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20170527 132714
Test drive today

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1927 Salmson GP Right
OK, so I decided last Fall (it's now Spring 2017) to get into the Cyclekart game. I picked a 1927 Salmson GP as my prototype, if only for its unfamiliarity (lovely though Bugattis are, I favor distinction), but also for its unusual radiator grille. Being a newbie, I took advantage of an abandoned project that was an almost running chassis built by Michael Bikel. Still, with the pressure of day job and such, I spent most of the winter gathering parts and making plans (among those plans is the imminent First Northeast Dustoff - first I hope of many meets in our area). Step one was laying out...

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I started gathering parts for my first cycle kart. Its pretty exciting to try to find the parts and the solutions to anticipated problems. I bought 4 Honda CT90 wheels. the front wheels have good tires, the back do not. I have a Predator 212 6.5 hp engine already, but I am going to get a Mikuni carb for it. I also have a bunch of rectangle tubing for the frame. I bought a set of pedals, rear axle bearings, and a clone TAV drive system. I was going to build a front axle out of 1 1/4" heavy wall pipe and spindles that I purchased, but I was worried about getting the bends right for the drop axle...


I have translated my drawings into the final model, glad I did, found some design issues during the process. My next step is to start ordering parts. Let the fun begin!


IMG 2294
Well I am another new guy , my name is Wayne..... retired so I can pursue what has been my lifes interest . Art and Cars . ever since I could pick up a pencil or a wrench , any thing with the two became inter twined. Mechanics became my vocation in life and a way to support my family . Along the way I have done some racing (10 speeds to cars ) built some stuff and found there was many ways to get around the money issues in doing all the aspects of it. I don't usually hang my hat at any club or web site, but rather wade though the insane amount that the two of my interests has to offer...


Hello everyone, Now that the database upgrade is nearing completion, and I finally have the ability to do "hot backups" without taking the website offline for maintenance, I'd like to give everyone a little bonus. Effective immediately, all Private Message (PM) storage limits are now doubled Free Members: 500 -> 1,000 Silver Members: 750 -> 1,500 Gold Members: 1,000 -> 2,000 Platinum Members: 1,500 -> 3,000 Hope this makes everyone's life a little easier, especially for you vendors out there that use PMs a lot! Thanks for your support, Skye Nott Webmaster


I seem to be stuck in scaled cars - 1/4 and 1/2 midgets, karts (long ago), one-offs .... An open-wheel midget friend introduced me to cyclekarts. If I had time, I'd build one. I'm lucky to complete a car in 10 months, got four of them backed up right now, so.... Anyhow, I save the build photos. Here's a car that was inspired by a second, long look at the 'Birdcage' Maserati Tipo 61 chassis. Scaled cars don't allow the luxury of volume, meaning they're usually exo-skeletons with skin - because the human body doesn't shrink. I acquired an NOS Moss 1/2 midget body and decided t...


IMG 0032
I have built a body buck on to the scaled model of the frame and I have made a paper mache body. Based on it I have decided not to take the back of the body to a point like Bugatti, it would make it to long.


So the Gore Kart begins. I want to list some goals before diving in further. 1. Suspension sag and spring rates that allow some control over weight transfer. 2. Front and rear suspension without a jackshaft. 3. Composite Leaf Springs 4. Lower investment bodywork The area I have available to ride is rough, and untamed. The landscape is beautiful and hilly, to be specific its the Driftless area of Wisconsin. Not only is the land nice but the roads that criss cross the area are second to none. So the Gore Kart needs to cope with some light trials work while also traversing...


Frame design drawing and scale model of frame based on early Bugatti race car is done. Next step is the body design, i am going to build a buck scaled down to fit the model frame.


The Office Just need that Cavllino Rampante cente
I will add to this section as I wrap things up.


Honda ANF125 Front wheels with disc rotors
I had a look at a few different 17" wheels which were available. I opted for Honda Innova ANF125 front wheels and managed to pick up four of these for GBP £190 complete with tyres and disc rotors. The ANF125 front wheels have a 1.40" x 17" rim and use 32 x 12mm bearings. 12mm spindles are not going to be man enough for single sided support on front hubs therefore I am changing the bearings to 32 x 20mm angular contact versions. I will make my front hubs with 20mm spindles to suit. At the rear I will use the same ANF125 front wheels but will utilise the (4) M8 disc rotor mountin...


DKW F5 from the website linked
I have been doing some research recently trying to find old cars I like that would fit into the cyclekart category. I think I may have found one that would work. The DKW F5 Front Luxus, or Front Luxus sport roadster was a car built by DKW of Auto Union in 1936 and '37. It was a front wheel drive 2-cylinder 2-stroke with a 3-speed manual. It has front wheels covered by massive fenders that could be taken off maybe, but the back wheels are close to the body and have small fenders over them. The actually measurements are 98.4"WB 147.4"L 56.7"W 55.5"H and the F/R track is 43.7" and 48" res...

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