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Classic Profile: 1916 Hudson Super-Six factory racer In Vehicle ProfilesJuly 10, 2014Steve Evans376 ViewsLeave a comment Classic Profile: 1916 Hudson Super-Six factory racer The 1916 Hudson Super-Six factory special at Daytona | Courtesy of the author Since its beginnings in 1909, Hudson had gone racing to prove the merits of its cars. In 1916 came the introduction of Hudson’s Super-Six with it's significant increase in horsepower. The 1916 Hudson Super-Six factory special at Daytona | Courtesy of the author The 1916 Hudson Super-Six factory special at Daytona | Courtesy of the auth...

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Front suspension 003
Fourteen heim joints and the front suspension is done.

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Hello Cyclekart enthusiasts. I am a fellow Cyclekartian who, while searching for his inspiration car, came across an interesting find in a barn. While I am currently investigating the history (fake or otherwise) of the car I will post the progress and any associated pictures of its history and my plan to bring this car back to it’s former glory. The future will provide a better record of my plans to either do a nut and bolt restoration build or just a facelift using the existing patina as it displays it’s illustrious past victories. The car, as you will see in the various historic pictu...

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Here are some more photos. I will add more as the secondary phase of either restoration or freshing (undecided) as they develop.


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Fortunately for me, I was able to recover some of the photos taken by Victor Von Rudebaker III that he gave to the prestigious auction house Bonbeouf before the sale of his restored prize. Apparently Victor Von Rudebaker III fell to a scandal (something to do with the Russians I believe) and had to liquidate all he was worth for legal fees. The car sold for an undisclosed amount to someone in the Northwest where it sat in storage until I was able to purchase it for much, much less. The real question is will I restore it, keep it’s current patina, or resurrect the car under a new liver...


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Upon locating the Hudson Super Six in a barn, I was able to recover pictures and documentation (fake or otherwise????) of a previous barn find restoration done by Victor Von Rudebaker III. It appears the original Hudson Super Six had accumulated such notoriety it had become worthy of a complete restoration in the fifties and was even raced under number 24, the Gilmore Special. I’m unfamiliar who actually campaigned the car but I am certain the Victor Von Rudebaker auctioned the car at Bonbeouf’s (a prestigious auction house of the time). Here are some photos and associated documentation I ...


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After many hours and days of research in countless newspapers articles and library journals (Google), I have come to the realization that this “barn find” was not the Hudson’s first. At first I was shocked and dismayed but after realizing the car’s pedigree, I have since realized the Hudson’s worth.


I have not gotten to any construction yet. I do have my wheels and tires in hand. I think they will be the first to get my attention so when the chassis is done it can go right on wheels. While I am waiting on my checks I am working on the drawings on the computer. It isn't as easy as it would be in a cad system but cam is what I have so I am working with an 8 1/2 X 11picture and a scale rule to get a working drawing done. Pictures will start as soon as actual construction starts


front end mock up 001
It's all there now. It looks a little busy with the addition of the rack and pinion, tie rods, and panhard bar, but it's really pretty simple. Everything is just tacked right now, until I'm happy with the way it all fits and works. There are just a couple minor clearance issues to address, then I'll take it apart and finish all the welds, and paint it. Then it will be assembled with the proper bolts, not the junk that I used for the mock-up.


sides are 1 2 plywood and top of engine cover is g
1930 Austin American Special Wheel base is 66 inches and overall length is 95 inches. The engine is a 212 cc Prediter with exhaust and intake modifications and governor removed. The air scoops in the rear are functional and home made. The one on the right side is hinged for access to carb and pull starter. I will post more pictures when finished. t


Every week brings its own unique obstacle. This week's was a real monster. Let's call it a "new idea". While I was happily scratching my head over an ever-growing pile of engine parts, I had a vision of what I felt, deep in my heart, to be a better cyclekart than the one I am currently building. No stranger to the struggles of adult attention deficit disorder, I knew that I needed to exercise this new thought to exhaustion. Several days and a few CAD files later, I had roughed out what I hope can be my second cyclekart. The exploration did however, give me a few ideas for solving my current de...


Whoops ! I forgot I had already posted most of this. Ah, well. It might be useful to someone - there's a bit more description of process this time. When last we left our heroes, we were racing around without having finished the back of my 1927 Salmson. It worked fine, but lacked that certain je ne sais quoi that comes with added detail and completion, even on a simple workmanlike ride as this. So, I finally got around to making the lid of the boattail (and tossed on the Brooklands screen and a couple of rear-view mirrors, too). That leaves really only the interior upholstery - a suit...


IMG 2617
Nov 5, 2017. Worked on the placement of the TAV and the engine, after a lot of head scratchin, and putting it on and off the chassis I think this is what it will look like.


Well, it's the first week of November and all my full-sized vehicles, but one, have been stored away for the snowy winter....I'll drive this one for another week or two as the weather is great! Then with an empty garage I"ll imerse myself in "the build"! All my parts are now gathered, fitted, and researched so it'll be time to get out the welder and start the chassis.....I've added a couple of additions to my CK build to make it easier for me to drive, and be safer to use by an "old guy". One of the issues we always had with our Shriner Mini Kars was safely starting them and not have them tak...


IMG 1161
So.. Grill has changed and I think it suits very nicely. Spent some hours painting the chassis and floorpan before moving on to the business of aluminium skin. Several hours of swearing and forming I have arrived at this point.

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