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The Office Just need that Cavllino Rampante cente
I will add to this section as I wrap things up.

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Honda ANF125 Front wheels with disc rotors
I had a look at a few different 17" wheels which were available. I opted for Honda Innova ANF125 front wheels and managed to pick up four of these for GBP £190 complete with tyres and disc rotors. The ANF125 front wheels have a 1.40" x 17" rim and use 32 x 12mm bearings. 12mm spindles are not going to be man enough for single sided support on front hubs therefore I am changing the bearings to 32 x 20mm angular contact versions. I will make my front hubs with 20mm spindles to suit. At the rear I will use the same ANF125 front wheels but will utilise the (4) M8 disc rotor mountin...

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The new database servers are performing well under load, so I'll be continuing the database conversion process to the new layout for all websites, which will pave the way for better replication and backup systems. Please expect to see the "Scheduled maintenance" message on Friday night, February 17, 2017 starting at 9:00 PM Pacific time. I expect the work to take 4-6 hours as I want to take a full backup of the system for safety before making any changes. Once the websites are back up, there should be no visible difference in the operation or performance of the website. Schedule: Jan...

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Disk brake installation My caliper is swapped aro
More about the chassis build.


If anyone knows how to delete the first Ferrari in my title I would be obliged.


I spent the afternoon making the eyes for my DIY front springs. Bent some 3mm thick steel bar round 19mm turned steel bushes and welded these together. Fitted the eyes to the leaf springs and drilled for 8mm fixing bolts through the flanges of the eyes and through the springs. Followed by a lick of paint. The springs were cut from an old Series 2 Land Rover multi-leaf front spring. The overall width of the leaves was reduced to 48mm by slicing with a thin cutting disc. It was possible to set both leaves to the same camber by cold bending in a vice. The eyes are 670mm apart...


DSC 0048
Here's a few sketches i've drawn. more small car/cycle car than cyclekart maybe. The open top one with the less than superb wheels is okay. I've given it a very sharp nose that won't help with down force. the air will go more under the car/kart and cause the front to be lighter. I've sketched a straight 6 with a transmission and jackshaft leading to a chain between the wheel and jackshaft. this isn't very feasible in a cyclekart because most engines are in the rear and just how everything is set up it wouldn't work. There is room in the back for the engine though, and would leave plenty of...


20170127 090823
Body is clad in1.2 mm aluminium chassis is 3x1 inch steel section


20170101 174543
My kart started 1st January 2017 looked at lots of race cars for inspiration and went for 1935 ERA not a true replica just used shape to get size and profile. Started with 25x15 mm ash frame with 9mm ply bulkheads then skinned with 2 x layers of 4mm ply and 1.2 mm aluminium


The frame 1x3 6061t6 rectangle tube aluminum gus
This will be more of a history, than a journal proper, as It has been started near the conclusion of this build, as opposed to it following the build as it goes along. I won't go into a great deal of unsolicited detail, as time to actually finish the thing will need to be given priority. That said, if there is anything at all that I can describe or explain about what I've done, I would be glad to do so. P


I love old British cars. from GN and Nash to more modern ones such as Austin Mini Coopers. They're quirky, and sometimes maybe not reliable, but they were built beautifully. I think cyclekarts are awesome, and I hope to build one one day, or maybe sooner than one day. I love the detail that goes into them. I being a motorhead fanatic love speed and engineering and design. What I am thinking of building may not be considered a cyclekart, but maybe not a cyclecar either. I'm not sure what I want to build. Quite a few classic British sports cars had straight 6s in them. They are very well...


All suspension steering and systems were removed
Being that it's my profession, I chose to wrap the bodywork in vehicle styling film, rather than to paint it. This is clean and nontoxic process and is changeable to a different scheme if desired, But really, what other color would I have.


You can see the balsa strip planking and how the t
For the front and rear bodywork, which has alot of compound curvature, I built up frames of mdf formers and sheeted over with 3/16 balsa strips. The more complex curves are carved from foam.


Hello everyone, You've probably noticed that this website has had some unplanned downtime lately. I'm not sure about the exact cause, it's probably an intermittent hardware failure as the techs keep finding the main server powered off at the console. I've been rebooting and repairing the database as needed to keep things running, while making plans to transition to brand new servers with updated database, webserver, and firewall software. The good news is I've already run the migration plan on some of my smaller websites, and it's working brilliantly. The bad news is that the frequenc...


The signature piece for many CK replicas is the radiator. There have been many very good efforts using various materials, but there are good ready-made stainless steel radiator surrounds out there waiting to be used - and they are very, very cheap. Have a look into your kitchen sink at home. The double-bowl ones are best. Think of the bottom as being the front and you will note a very nice curve - some have a sharp corner while others have a softer radius, as it gives you the sides. Re-cycle time.. First find a sink with a bowl that suits your radiator size. You will cut out the sink o...

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