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Cycle kart pin drive hub 001
I got my wheels and still hadn't decided what to do about rear hubs. The ones I was considering on eBay have a 4 on 4" bolt circle, so that won't work with wheels that have an oddball circle like 3 3/16". Also, I'm not too crazy about the look of the four bolt sticking out of the rear hubs on a lot of karts I see. Plus the hubs from ACK are expensive. So I bit the bullet and did what I have always done on this cycle kart - I made my own. I ordered some 6061 aluminum, bought some grade 8 SHCS's to use for pins and went to work on the lathe. Now don't be too critical here. I'm not a machi...

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OK, let's get back after it. It seems that a big component of play for me is curiosity and I found that I just had to look inside one of these Predator engines. For several weeks now I've been thoroughly entertained taking it apart and putting it back together several dozen times. I also bought a few Comet TAV parts. When things are disassembled, and parts are separated, they are vulnerable, aren't they? Without thinking it entirely through, I milled the rocker box from the head. It looks more like a cyclecar engine that way. I lightened the crank and the cam by more than half a pound, and ...

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Instrument panel 001
After several days of experimenting, I finally have it done. It's far from perfect, but it'll do. I started out using a cone shaped wire brush, because someone told me that works well. I'm not listening to that guy any more. It worked, but I didn't like the dull look of the finished product, plus the wire doesn't give a clean edge to the circles. So I sanded it back smooth and hit youtube for some how-to vids. Every video has a different method, so I had to decide which to try next. One guy used some abrasive scoth-brite type discs from Harbor Freight. So I tried that. Nope. Looks ...

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IMG 0030
Started laying glass today. Did the hood, grill shell, and wind faring, also finished the steering shaft.


Rasoir Frame1
The ash frame has been roughed in with a furniture grade floorboard and the current dimensions are 12' in overall length and 32" body width. Just starting to add the structural framework to the body today. I'm building the vehicle in two stages: 1) Separate frame so motor, structural bracing and axles can be added later and; 2) Body, to be completed first and re-attached when mechanicals are installed...


IMG 0008
Grill, Hood, and Tail.


Mid December: Well some health issues, some unexpected changes in my Shriner and Masonic duties, and getting the property ready for the snowy winter all took up valuable garage time!!!!! Now that everything is done for the Christmas Holidays, I actually had a few hours to spare so quietly hid myself away in the workshop and started the CK's frame.I was able to get the first four pieces welded together ...square and all on the same level axis. Also welded in are the floor suports, bracket for the rack & pinion, and front "bumper" and leaf spring perches. I've got a couple of free hours tomorr...


Dec. 16, 2017: materials ordered from different sources started to arrived. Took one car out of my garage to give way for all the materials for the cycle kart. I’ll be taking pictures tomorrow for posting. My name is Lito Espiritu of Eastvale, California and it would be an honor for me if I can join the cycle kart club of Arizona


Not ready to post photos yet - lines on plywood do not show up well. I will be cutting the five big pieces this week and plan to post photos then. Big news is the much better half alerting me to an estate sale/on-line auction for a radial arm saw. I had one from 1980 to 2007 and regret trading it for race car parts. Got this one for $45! It will greatly speed making rabbet joints on the .75" x 1.5" strips that will join my plywood bulkheads to the plywood bottom. I'll be screwing & gluing the strips to the plywood and to each other before attaching the aluminum skin. Anyone made their own ...


Did that title get your attention? It should have read "last hemi in Fort Myers". I decided it was nearing the time I need to think about engine mounts and actually having an engine would be helpful. So I ran out to my local Harbor Freight store and got the last hemi they had. I was hoping the box would indicate which style head that motor had, but no. I had to get out my google machine and look it up. I learned that the easiest way to tell is by the rocker cover. The article was complete with 8 x 10 photos, each with circles and arrows explaining.....wait, that was Alice's restau...


I had a dentist appointment this morning and when I got home I didn't really feel like welding or anything else on the car, so I decided to sit in front of the lathe and turn my instrument panel. What a tedious job that is.


IMG 2631
Framing up the Delage. I will sheet it with 3/16 flexable ply, then cover it with resin and fiberglass.


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At least it’s a start.


Body skeleton 001
I've been working on the steel structure that will be the skeleton of the body. Getting the hoops shaped just right is a challenge, but I think it's looking good so far. Everything is just tacked in place until I'm satisfied that I won't have to re-do anything, then I'll add some gussets and weld it all up. The '35 Miller-Ford had a lower cockpit side on the left, I assume for getting in and out of the car easier. So I did my cockpit sides similar to that. I'm not sure if I like it that way or not. Opinions?


In case some are not familiar with the T-32 Bugatti, here are some photos, drawings, and a sketch of my design concept.

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