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Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Yes, we all have them from time to time.
You wake up in the morning after a night of designing and building cyclekarts in your dreams, with the stupidest questions??confused smiley
Don't tell me this has never happened to you!
Well, this morning it was my turn.
While building my dash hoop, that supports the upper steering pillow block, I drew the steering shaft line on my full size wall mounted drawing.
The wheels must have started turning at that point; as IO am used to building "cars" that have a steering column that is "solid" mounted top and bottom with a connecting shaft from the column to the rack that has two universals.
Knowing hat that the top mount on a cyclekart should be strong enough to handle the lateral force we put on these things while hanging on for dear life in the Orchard, I started thinking about the single universal I am using at the rack and the swivel style pillow block I have at the top, and woke up wondering if I need another steady bearing at or near the bottom of my shaft??
Can't seem to rap my head around it, this early on a Sunday morning??????

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CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Silver Member Dave D
Federal Way, Washington, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
I would want another solid carrier just above that universal, I think.
Is the rack mounted on an angle that requires the U joint, or could you
run the shaft straight in with just a coupling?

Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
It is splined, thus way more work align than to have the little $5.00 universal, which allows the steering shaft to be at whatever angle it needs to be.
And yes the more I think about this, the more I think I need another pillow block at the bottom (more wieghtangry smiley) Made the upper steering mount today,
and drilled 18 holes in it for a net gain of 0.1 of a lb. Pictures at 11:00!
Hot Chocolate break is it is back to the shop!

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