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Cyclekart Monthly Shirt Club, who is in

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Azroddy Avatar
Azroddy Jon R
Mesa, AZ, USA   USA
Hi everyone. I am a member of the Arizona Chapter. I wanted to pass this by the forum and see if there is any interest. I print shirts for our club and was thinking a CycleKart Monthly Shirt Club would be cool. Cost to print just a few shirts for myself to wear would not be worth it. So offering shirts to a big group would make it worth doing. I was thinking it could be a Kart of the month or Cyclekart related design each month. Something you can't get anywhere else. Great for the everyday cyclekart promoter or the guy that just needs a shirt to cry in when his build is not going so well.

These will be designed and printed then shipped to your house. There maybe give-a-ways, contests and special items added to the package or maybe just a cool sticker.

Cost will be in the $25 shipped to you. You can pay monthly at $25 billed each month until you quit or pay for months in advance and get discounts.

This is not set up yet but just want to make sure there is interest. Any comments welcome. If its too expensive, ideas on what the shirt design should be or anything. I am just looking if it would be worth it.



Jon R.
Arizona Cyclekart Club Member

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Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Hi Jon
I think as a businessman in the T Shirt printing business this is a great idea.
When I read $25.00 my first thought was that it was a little rich (being as I have been buying T Shirts at Rod Runs for over 40 years), but then I looked at the cost shirts I have purchased most recently and reread your post about being shipped to me each month, and realized that if your offer included shipping..........this is not such a bad offer.
Being in the business you realize that there are multiple thousands of T shirt printers around the country, and depending on how large the city is that you live in there are usually multiple choices in local T Shirt print shops that can provide for our "club or individual" needs.
But, my thought is: Why not stay withe the standardized logo (top right corner of this page) and use it to grow the hobby nationally or internationally, and provide T Shirts to newly formed "Chapters" with their Chapter "Name" below or above that logo, at a reasonable enough cost that larger orders could be placed for Chapters to buy for distribution, or sell to their members or potential members.

Just throwing my thoughts your way (not trying to tell you how or what you should do??)
Good Roads

Azroddy Avatar
Azroddy Jon R
Mesa, AZ, USA   USA

How dare you question my ideas, who do you think you are... I kid... You make good points. I understand there are tons of screen printers. I think there is over 2,000 in a 50 mile ratios of my shop. If people want to buy a few dozen of the same shirts they can do that anywhere. I think that is a good idea for chapters to do. You can sell them to the members of your chapter and use any mark up for buying items to support the club. That is what we do here in Arizona. It works well for us. We have bought banners, flags and other items. Since I print the shirts the club gets really good rates. The shirts we print are 3 color front and 3 color back on a white shirt. If you buy 24 of those it would run $10.41 each. Long sleeves would be $12.91 each. Keep in mind you have to buy 24 for that price.

This CycleKart Shirt Club is not the same thing. This will be a custom design each month. It will be shipped to you. They will not be or any chapter designs. This way anyone can buy them and support cyclekarting. You will not know what the design will be. Its like Christmas in the mail each month. It could be a highlighted Cyclekart from any chapter around the world. It could be a vintage inspired design promoting cyclekarts. The designs will be 100% custom. I also want to put in a special bonus item also. Not sure what it maybe just something small, sticker, gearing ratio card or just a tech tip. Just something fun and interesting.

Cost: You brought up cost and I think that is important. I want to be able to put some time into the design and print. I don't want to just do a white shirt with black ink. Most shirts when buying like 50 shirts cost about $8 to print if you go to really any screen printing shop. That is a colored shirt with a one color print on one location. Really a boring shirt. Then there is shipping and preparing the items for shipping, that is not cheap. So that is why I put it at $25. Figure $20 shirt with $5 shipping.

I have not finalized any of this yet. I just thought it was a nice way for guys to get cyclekart shirts. Any feed back would be great.

Jon R.
Arizona Cyclekart Club Member

Check out my Cyclekart videos

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