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Dennis Thomas Avatar
phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
1919 CycleKart Lightweight "A.V. Monocar"
1925 CycleKart Speedway Racer "Old Number 27"
1930 CycleKart German "The Boulevard Cruiser"
1937 CycleKart American "37 Studebaker Modified"
Here is a link to all of my cyclekart build photos.

There are 3 albums containing 268 photos from the design and layout phase (one year ago) to photos taken 2 days ago. This is the complete collection so far. The albums are:
Ford Sprint cyclekart 1.0
Ford Sprint Cyclekart 1.1
Ford sprint Cyclekart 1.2


Link to Cyclekart videos

Link to Old #27 build photos

Link to Monocar build photos

Link to BMW Roadster build photos

Link to my Facebook page

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1922 CycleKart Great Britain

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