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smcameron Stephen Cameron
Santa Clara, CA, USA   USA
Post photos of your completed kart(s):

I'll start...

Took my cyclekart to Houston Coffee And Cars this morning. Got there late, so ended up with a bad parking place way out back, but still had plenty of interested people stop by to look and talk about it. Not sure I managed to convince anyone to build one though. Was too busy to take very many pictures, this one is about all I got.

Took some (minor, easily fixable) damage to the front while loading the thing into the truck. Totally my fault, I forgot to warn the guy helping me that the piece on the front was cosmetic, not structural, so it’s missing in the photo above.

Also discovered another, and probably the most convincing reason not to make your kart too long. You want it to actually fit into the back of a pickup truck. Mine kind of doesn’t. The front wheels hang off the tailgate with the kart resting on the body. Had to load it in backwards because attempting it frontwards, the rear end of the kart bottomed out going up the steep ramps t

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