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New Members, Please Introduce Yourself

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Skye Avatar
Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
1964 Vespa VNB 125
1966 MG MGB "The Bomber RIP"
1983 Suzuki MC GS750E "Kate"
1986 Merkur XR4Ti "The Rally Car"    & more
Welcome New Members!

It's been suggested (thanks Tom) that it would be good to have a dedicated topic where new members can introduce themselves, without "hijacking" any of the existing topics or starting a new topic in an (ostensibly) tech only forum.

We're getting about 50 new members a month, so if you've been lurking and not sure where to jump in, here's your place! Break the ice, tell us a little about yourself, your interest in Cyclekarts, your builds or plans, etc.

Please also read the CycleKart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here:,8100


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Antioch Bob M
Langley, BC, Canada   CAN
1929 CycleKart French "LR2 Special"
Great idea .... Nice to see it up & running so quickly.

New members very welcome....

Rosengart LR2 Special

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RotClubKath Christopher Dixon
Katherine, NT, Australia   AUS
OK, well I am a new member. I live and work in the Australian outback in a little town called Katherine, 330 kilometres south of Darwin. I have always loved the shape of these cars, probably from the fact that I was brought up with takes of my grandfather who was a cyclecar racer, quite famous in his day. He owned a Singer 9, but his favourite racer was a Coventry Premier. I built a beach buggy many years ago. But I don;t have a very good mechanical base hence the beauty of this type of forum. I am president of the Rotary Club and I believe that hosting a cyclekart race could be fun, involve the whole community and be a fund-raiser too. But first I have to build one.

aussie63 ian w
brisbane, qld, Australia   AUS
Hey Chris
Nice idea to raise some funds .I read in your profile you have a "shed" going Good on ya for setting up such a place . Good luck with your build

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aridg allen r
oklahoma city, OK, USA   USA
1933 CycleKart Custom "Okie Cyclekart"
Not really new to cyclekarts but new to this website. So glad we have a nice website to post all our stuff. Was (still is) on the yahoo group, seems everyone is here now. Lots of nice cyclekarts out there. There are a lot more cars now than there was when I started building mine. Wow! Thanks for the website.

DocOctane Avatar
DocOctane Cabert W
winterville, NC, USA   USA
Greetings from a new member!

First of all, this is a top notch forum with a wealth of knowledge that I greatly appreciate. A good friend of mine brought Cycle Karts to my attention a little over a year ago. Both he and I get fired up talking about building a couple ever since. Typically the conversations always get out of control and we venture into full size Cycle "Car" crazy talk with motorcycle power plants. Alas we have yet to pull the trigger. However that is all about to change! Signing up here is my first step to getting serious about it. I've decided to just go for it and follow the KISS methodology (Keep It Simple Stupid). I'm going to really push for just completing a build with the tried and trusted Stevenson Specs and see what I come up with.

I'm not a tech guru by any stretch of the imagination. I can follow instructions, read a tape measure, and turn a wrench. I am just an artsy fartsy self taught everything I do kinda guy. Lucky for you all, that means lots of dumb questions! Aren't you excited?

Currently I'm working on a silly project turning an old Dirt Bike I pulled out of a scrap yard into a Bobber/Chopper Street bike. I have to button that thing up before I can really get started on anything but I will be haunting these forums to get my game plan together.

Antioch Bob M
Langley, BC, Canada   CAN
1929 CycleKart French "LR2 Special"
Welcome to the site...Lots of good people & good ideas here..

Much to read & wonder through. The pictures of the Tieton 2014 event are worth finding. I think there were 18 cycle karts there...lots of ideas & different type of karts. Most from the Gittreville group. There web site is well worth looking through...

Rosengart LR2 Special

Rhysn Rhys Nolan
Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK   GBR
Welcome from me too. I commend your approach of the KISS principle, at least for the first one. The Bobber sounds cool too.
There is only one dumb question.... the one you never asked. Most of them are on here somewhere, perhaps we need to nudge Skye for the FAQ sticky smiling smiley

gr8whthunter76 Simon K
Waterville, MN, USA   USA
Hello To All

I can start off with I am a lover of all engines............antique! Can't take the new stuff. I see real beauty in the engines and vehicles of the past with their look and sounds! That being said, it will explain my collection of things that I have collected in my 37 years of life to include a 1940 Desoto Business Coupe, 1958 Studebaker Lark, 1968 Ski Doo Super Olympique, 1975 Arctic Cat Panther, 1949 Johnson 5HP Outboard and my pride and joy for the time being, a original 1964 Ski Doo! All works in progress, but safe and sound in my kingdom. I have owned MANY other vehicles, too many to list and I have worked with everything from Steam Engines to the state of the art military equipment. How the heck did I land here? Well I recently was at an antique steam threshing show. As I was sweating like a sinner in church as I walked around I thought there has to be a better way as golf cart after golf cart after golf cart passed me. Golf carts..... hmmmm, interesting, but AH HA, tooooooo new looking, no style. What better thing to cruise around the grounds looking at antique equipment then a horseless carriage or a vintage roadster! So here I am! I have recently purchased a Maytag model 92 hit and miss engine, a 1946 Briggs and Stratton and a newer Briggs and Stratton 8HP for my first go at making something unique and eventually I hope to make a cycle car with a 440 Snowmobile engine for blazing fast fun.

What a wealth of knowledge here and I plan to take bits and pieces from here, there and everywhere to make my creation. I saw on one page the plans for a more simple car which is where I will begin and grow from there. I can't wait and hope to keep things updated on here!

Any advice or words of wisdom, let me know!

moto-klasika Avatar
moto-klasika Zoran R. Pualic
Bern, Bern, Switzerland   CHE
Hello Simon,
For some light motorised vehicle in a style of "What better thing to cruise around the grounds looking at antique equipment then a horseless carriage or a vintage roadster" - you could try something as HCR (horsless cariagge replicas). There are a lot of them built in USA, but everywhere else. Stu, my frind from Australia built FORD quadricycle replica, from engine and transmission to entire vehicle, but some other too (incluiding two steam-powered). Lyle from USA built a few of them, the last was great Holsman replica high-wheeler. Than, frank from USA built a few smaller replicas... Just have to search a little and you could find much more...

Enjoy in planing, designing, building and finally driving!

Ciao, Zoran

Zoran R. Pualić
(mostly living in Bern, Swiss & happy in my Belgrade, Serbia)

DSC01138.JPG    61.9 KB

Holsman-Lyle's-Replica-7, show (2).jpg    59.1 KB
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Frank Gruss HCR (0).JPG    71.8 KB
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Frank's FORD quad.JPG    94 KB
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Little French Avatar
Little French Silver Member Fabrice B
PUY DU LAC, Charente maritime, France   FRA
Hello all,
My name is Fabrice, I'm 55 old, I have a small business and I work in the micro mechanical toys and I speak very little English !!
For numerous years, I make my toys, steamboats, steam trains 5 ", plane, etc ...
But when I watched the videos of Dennis Thomas, it was a "revelation" !! I did not even think it existed ....eye popping smiley
With a friend we made ​​in the past, things of electric or gasoline engine and I am very interested in the cyclecar !!
I have a small project for the son of a friend with a small displacement model.
If I succeeded I would make a second larger project, but for me this time ....


Antioch Bob M
Langley, BC, Canada   CAN
1929 CycleKart French "LR2 Special"
Fabrice...bienvenue sur le site!


Rosengart LR2 Special

RotClubKath Christopher Dixon
Katherine, NT, Australia   AUS
Hello again
I have been scouring this website for ideas ... there are so many. I now have the engine ($125) and I bought a set of new chrome wheels out of Thailand. Just need to work out the plans by more scouring!!! What model to build???? There are lots of ideas for the Bugatti. And I have the Stephenson plans for the MG, Bugatti and Model A pedal cars. Hmmmm - any ideas?

carChips Avatar
carChips Victor Harnish
Kelowna, BC, Canada   CAN
1933 MG Magnette
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Chip"
1989 GMC Sierra 1500 "Bush Truck"
Christopher, I sent you a PM.

S'all for now!

ivojara Avatar
ivojara ivo jara
Santiago, Region metropolitana, Chile   CHL

My Name is Ivo, (Yugoslav for John, I had a funny grandma because i'n not a slav), So, I Curently live in Chile, and had been toying around with the idea of building a cyclekart.
Well, the time has come; I really want to do it, I have restored a couple of old cars, but never built something from scratch, so i guess i will need a lot of help, but that will be later, now i am dedicated to reading everything in here and looking at the beautiful craftsmanship the cyclekarts show. I can only say I have seen some incredible bodywork here. So I'll keep on looking for a while, then go to the local steel shop and buy all the metal for the chassis. After that... the questions will come.

Thanks for hosting this forum and I hope I get to finish it, it took me three years to restore my last car (a 1980 Bmw), so... I know it takes patience.

Regards From the other side of the World.


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