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New Members, Please Introduce Yourself

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farmkart Ed J
Armstrong, BC, Canada   CAN
Welcome to the B.C.cyclekart chapter James I am looking forward to following your buildthumbs up And Brian a shop tour in the new year? Thanks Ed

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Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Yes, I have a group of potential CK enthusiast from Keremeos coming up with Ken Helm for a
tour in the new year.
And I just got off the phone with James......he is very keen!thumbs up

hutchhutchinson Avatar
hutchhutchinson Brian Hutch B H Hutchinson
Prospect, south australia, Australia   AUS
Hi Guys
I am just a interested by stander as I have too many other hobbies to do anything about building a Cycle Kart at the moment.
Love to build one for the grandson,.but, I am 80 and maybe it could be a bit beyond me, plus my pension does not allow that kind of outlay anyway.
and we, as far as I know do not have any builds here in Adelaide South yet!
B "Hutch"Hutchinson.

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Richard Miller Avatar
Lubbock, TX, USA   USA
Hi Guys,
I'm Richard, retired locomotive engineer and I live in Lubbock TX.
I've been into motorcycles and cars as long as I can remember, Almost everything I've had was in need of repair from the time I got it so I had to learn to work on things from the get go. My first motorized vehicle was a barn find Cushman scooter, in high school I rode a '53 Indian Roadmaster /w '38 sidecar.
I enlisted in the army in '68, went to Ft Knox to eventually become Tanker / Armor instructor and then going to Ft Wainwright AK for the remainder of my military duty. When I returned to Texas after the army I went to work on a railroad bridge gang,Then as a brakeman and eventually as locomotive engineer for Santa Fe Ry. (BNSF). Over the years I've had a '67 Sprite, 2 '59 MGA's, a '63 TR4 surrey top and assorted muscle cars, and Family cars.
I've been married to Barbara for46 years, we've got 2 boys and 1 girl and 8 grand kids. I got busy raising a family and got away from my hotrod yearning for many years, of course we did do the dirt bike thing with the boys in their younger years but I had gotten out of cars until my father in law in Kansas bought a worn out '55 t-bird, I got the car running for him and then my brother and I repainted it for him in my 2 car garage back in Texas, this was in 1983 in 1989 he informed me that he was too old and fat to get into and out of the car and I was the only one to mess with the car when we came to visit, so he wanted me to take it back to Texas with me. when he passed away I rebuilt the car hotrod style, then after retirement I decided to built a teardrop trailer to pull behind the bird. My wife's health issues has kept us from enjoying the teardrop the way that I had hoped but building the trailer from scratch has lit a fire in me to built something else.
I ran across cycleKarts when browsing YouTube and thought about a used cycle parts place across town and said I should go by and see what he might have, When I got there I was in for a shock, they had bulldozed the lot mostly clean except for a pile of scrap with wheels mixed in. The guy I talked to said the city had foreclosed because of back taxes and the lot had been sold, he let me pick thru the pile before the last bit was scooped up. I ended up with 11 wheels that were in decent shape, but of several different makes. I don't know what I've got but I did pick up 2 pair (18"winking smiley that match, so that plus a new 6.5 hp Predator engine from Harbor Freight are the start of my cyclekart,
Wish I'd have known there were guidelines about building these cars for competition, but I'm happy to try my hand building one, besides I've never seen anything like these around here and maybe mine will get other people around here interested in these, It will also let me figure out some of my mistakes with the first build.

I've got lots of questions and I'm sure I'll mess up along the way but I sure have enjoyed what I've seen and read so far, I've built this car in my head a hundred times already and it's never been the same so please bear with me when I do get going !

Richard Miller

Lubbock Texas, centrally located.... in the middle of nowhere !

Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Welcome Richard
Great introduction!thumbs up Most don't take that much time.
Your story sounds close to the majority of CK builders I ave met to date.
And hit very close to home for me......Retired, Three Children, Two Boys and a Girl,
Married 43 years ago, I have a 67 Spitfire, and am currently working on my 62 MGA,
been building cars for 51 years, got into Teardrop trailers 6 years ago (logged 70,000 miles
and 312 nights in it to date) found CycleKarts in January 3 years ago, and have been
buried in them ever since.
There are other builder down your way, and the hobby is growing so fast that CycleKart
events are popping up all over the world.
Arizona is a hotbed of activity!
Good Luck with your build!smiling bouncing smiley
And any Questions.....just ask away!
Good Roads

Richard Miller Avatar
Lubbock, TX, USA   USA
Hi Brian, Thanks for the welcome.
I remember your posts on the teardrop forums when I was building my teardrop. That was the first time I had ever built anything like that.
That was when I became familiar with our local Harbor Freight store, I bought a 220 welder, drill press, power shears, trailer wiring kit, various sanders, grinders, chop saw and many other cheap tools. Taught myself to weld, do wood working, sheet metal work also. I hope to put them back to work again.
I want to know if Ackerman is important on such a short wheelbase car with such small contact patch, especially if you just use the front wheels to point the car, and use the throttle and solid rear axle to steer the rear of the car, also if you have enough foot room why not put the throttle and brake pedal together to be used with the right foot and just use a dead pedal on the left to help secure yourself in the car. I want to know the advantages and dis advantages of quarter elliptic front suspension. These and many other questions are bouncing in my head.
Before I read anything about the build guidelines I started buying parts, I bought Tires, tubes and wheel bands for my 18" wheels, I plan on building with these because I will probably get pretty far outside the guidelines on this first car anyway.
These are some of the things I would like to incorporate in my first car : quarter elliptic front suspension with the front axle straight across, the frame rails at the same height from the ground as the axle centerline, the body would come down between the frame rails to approx. 4" from the ground, bottom half of cockpit would be .050 aluminum sheet laminated with 1" foam glued between a second sheet of aluminum. Above the frame rails I think I'd like a thin tubing frame with cloth covering it like an old airplane wing that's been doped up nice and taught, I also think I'd like to clamshell the front of the body to open like a hood on the older Vettes C5-C6 ? anyway, get my drift, I'm a pretty hefty guy, I love to eat so my skinny jeans are way at the back of the closet, I think with a tilting front like that I could just swing my legs out to the side and put my feet flat on the ground I could also put a bar that would swing up from the frame rail to give me the extra leverage to get my butt out of the bucket. From the back of the seat rearward is where the frame gets different, I want to put a jackshaft thru the frame this is where the disc brake- brakes, would go, differential (possibly later) and the sprocket for the torque converter, the part of the jackshaft outside of the frame rail would be where I mount the independent aluminum swing arm with rear axle stub for the rear wheels ( see top rated karts in kart registry #3 of Mariano M.) I love his setup but I figure why not go all the way with IRS. This way I can mount the engine lower and a bigger motor mount plate in case I want to go with a larger engine. I figure with the low C/G body roll shouldn't be too much of a problem and the engine can mount where the solid rear axle would usually pass through.
I know this is a lot to be thinking about from a guy with just 4 rims, 4 tires in the mail and a Harbor Freight engine, but I've got to start somewhere grinning smiley
Regards, Richard

Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
So my way of thinking, you are right on track with the numbers and the ideas you have put forth.
It is a long list for one post, and I will do my best to answers some of your questions (not that I am the
authority on this.
First off.........I would have stuck to the Stevenson Formula and stayed within the guidelines published
by the Gittreville Group.
Now that being said.......I will let you in on a little secret.
When I first went to Tieton (318 miles away for me) I had already formulated my build in my head, and had
what a thought was a very clear picture. And because I own a Street Rod Shop and build cars for a living, I
thought I had a real handle on how I was going to build mine. I had held of on buying "anything" except for the
Wheels (which were being brought up from VKC by Dennis Thomas).........and it was a good thing I hadn't.
As, the Tieton Grand Prix was to be a recon mission, to see and learn about what others were doing.
And that it was!smiling bouncing smiley
I talked to everyone, took, pictures, asked question, and most of all....Drove smiley
On the way home from that event (with my new wheels, and some other wonderful parts that Dennis had with
him from VKC) I spent 300 miles behind the windshield re designing my CycleKart in my head.
Ackerman ( I was making it a big part of my plan).........Not Important at all!
Brakes ...very important! .....Start with hydraulics, don't end with them.
Steering I like Rack & Pinion.... but Go Kart style works fine.
Rear Suspension.......thought it was a "Must"..... but again.......No significant difference between the cars that had
it, to those that didn't while racing.
Live Rear Axle........I chose to build with a Differential for my Miller, but am installing a solid axle in my Ice Racer.
One wheel drive vs both wheels driving?? Again each has its place depending on the type of event you are in.
These CKs are very versatile and there are a variety of competitive events with an event at Tieton.

Once again your numbers and material look spot on!
Hope this short ramble helps you.


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Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
I forgot to ask...........What is your Inspiration Car?

Skye Avatar
Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
1964 Vespa VNB 125
1966 MG MGB "The Bomber RIP"
1983 Suzuki MC GS750E "Kate"
1986 Merkur XR4Ti "The Rally Car"    & more
Great to see lots of new people getting excited about CycleKarts!

Please remember that this is an introduction thread though, if you have questions click "Start New Topic" so it doesn't derail the meet & greet


Webmaster, The CycleKart Club

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Bigeddie1969 Bryan Edwards
Marysville, WA, USA   USA
Hello Washington State, my name is Bryan and I am super excited to get into the world of cyclekarting. I have zero experience with cart building but have done some welding and basic fabrication in the past. Due to an upcoming surgery i’ll Have to be a spectator at this years Tieton rally but I’m so in for 2020.

Hope to run across other kart builder here in Washington.

Bryan “Big Eddie” Edwards

Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Welcome Bryan
Yes, Washington is a hotbed of CycleKarting.
Good luck with your surgery and do lots go planning, measuring and drawing.
Good Roads

Denny Graham Gold Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
Like Woody said Bryan, you're smack dab in the middle of it. With all the
builders around there, if I lived where you do, I'd probably have a few
of them in the stable by now.
Don't wait to long to get started, and do a little something each day
even if it's just sketching ideas down on a napkin.
Denny Graham
Sandwich, IL

241T Avatar
241T Loule Marcel
ARLES, camargue, France   FRA
Hello everyone
sorry if I go through the presentation box a little late
month is Gerard I live in the Camargue in France I discovered the CK looking for information on the net for soapboxes I was immediately passionate and I attack a building this year
I already said but I repeat I think you're great yet congratulations for your forum
some pictures of Soapbox

DSC_0057.JPG    48.6 KB

Arles 2017 1.jpg    73.6 KB
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Richard Miller Avatar
Lubbock, TX, USA   USA
I haven't really picked an inspiration car yet, but I really like the Deluge or that style car.
Brian, sorry if you thought I was wanting you to answer all the question that I posted, I was just letting out some of the questions that have been floating around in my head. I will start a build thread when pieces start coming together.
Skye, sorry about getting so long winded on the intro thread, there is just so much to learn here I get a little excited spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Delage is a good choice as the have a long wheelbase, which allows you to get your motor back.
This will allow you more driver room, as you mentioned you are a big guy!
We will watch for your build Journal.
Good Roads

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