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T Hilde Avatar
T Hilde Todd Hildebrandt
Faribault, MN, USA   USA
2016 CycleKart Stevenson "A-C Special"
I am in the collecting process myself. Just got wheels last week.

Edit: just looked at these again, they are 35mm mine are 37mm, Whoops.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2015-03-29 11:31 AM by T Hilde.

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Rhysn Rhys Nolan
Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK   GBR
No problem there Todd, many of us have those.

DavidMGA1600 Avatar
DavidMGA1600 David Lake
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia   AUS
1960 MG MGA "Dads Car"
1961 CycleKart Race Car "Team Ferrari"
For new members please watch this video created by Dennis Thomas where he details and lists all the components you will need to track down.
New or used or found in your shed is just perfect for your build.


1960 MGA 1600 Convertible,
Gold Coast, Australia.

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fly44 Avatar
fly44 Don Nothwang/c
Hillsboro, OR, USA   USA
1921 CycleKart German "Chitty"
1921 CycleKart German "Chitty"
Thats a great parts building list but I suggest doing some shopping,ive found that if you shop around you can save a few bucks here and there.If your thinking of adding an engine upgrade may I suggest you get to know what kind of engine you have!!! Those Harbor Freight engines have two different predators,one is a Hemi with a cast valve cover and the other is a stamped metal cover.The Hemi has a larger crank journal for the flywheel which takes the 6626 flywheel and doesnt have any upgrade rockers,where as the other honda type predator does and has a smaller journal(I have a Billet flywheel for sale for that one which I cant use).NR Racing has several cheaper upgrade kits for them and he ships very fast!!!I noticed that Dennis hasnt posted any videos of the complete enigne upgrade with connecting rod install.I have done this to mine beings im kinda Big and my kart has a lot of metal on it.For you guys who want to do an upgrade,just contact me or chat with me at Tieton and I can go thru what I did ,its pretty easy if you have built a standard old style briggs motor.Good luck and Keep building,Tieton is just weeks away!!!

Antioch Bob M
Langley, BC, Canada   CAN
1929 CycleKart French "LR2 Special"
Don, I think the connecting rod & or even a cam is beyond a stage 1 engine mod, which is all Gittreville build rules allow for. I think Dennis has covered those engine mod's on his AV monocar build.

Obviously anyone building there own to there taste, can modify to whatever they are comfortable with.

Rosengart LR2 Special

scooterw68 Avatar
scooterw68 Tom Williams
Murfreesboro, TN, USA   USA
Very nice axle set up there!

fly44 Avatar
fly44 Don Nothwang/c
Hillsboro, OR, USA   USA
1921 CycleKart German "Chitty"
1921 CycleKart German "Chitty"
What I have heard is these motors come apart with cheap parts after taking the rev limiter out so I was taking precautions on trying to keep this motor as long as possible.The only reason I was faster is that I had a 60 tooth gear instead of a 72 which in the long run beat me bad,my belt burnt up out at the orchard.The gearing was too tall for the hill climb and I weigh too much,LOL!!!My Kart is heavy,Im heavy so I was trying to comp for it all which didnt work so well.I still havnt unloaded the mess from the trip and here its almost Christmas.Lots of work to do within a short time,I wanted to do the christmas parade but that didnt work out,too many family problems.The shop I was working at slowed and my GF had more issues I had to deal with.I would like to be at next years races ,had so much fun even though it was way too hot I would do it in a blink again.These guys are great to be around and we help each other when we had problems.

Katasta Brian Freese
Woodland, CA, USA   USA
In reply to # 2650 by SevenTurbanBourban Everythingcarts sells 80s club-car springs for $36. it will hold over 500 lbs under compression all day long.

Here is a link:

its on the front of our mule kart and works great.

this suspension would be great for a 1935 miller-ford v-8 indy car...very tempting. I don't really want to compete with these, just play and have fun so who cares if its solid axle right?

Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Hi Brian
I too, am at the design and collect stage, as I have too many current projects to start a CycleKart just yet!
But, I am very keen an want to do as much research as possible before I jump in with both feet. (wish that was tomorrow) but I do have to wait until next winter.

On another note:
Has anyone used a 3D Manual clutch on their CycleKart yet???

fly44 Avatar
fly44 Don Nothwang/c
Hillsboro, OR, USA   USA
1921 CycleKart German "Chitty"
1921 CycleKart German "Chitty"
Here its March 1st and still havnt unloaded anything!!! Just not enough hours in the day to get anything done,rainy weather ,my 4 runner needed a clutch done, swap meet is two weeks away!!!!Damn at this rate I will never be able to finish chitty before the end of june

walkercreations Avatar
walkercreations Peter Walker
Roanoke, TX, USA   USA
I am a new member as of today and wanted to say thank you for sharing this post. I am going to be building my own CycleKart in the next few months and am looking forward to learning much more.

Tom Knight Avatar
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
1911 CycleKart Racing "Yellow Peril"
If stainless is to springy, just heat it up dull red & drop in water. It'll be butter soft. Same with brass.....Tom

Macadoo Mike McCloud/M
Polson, MT, USA   USA
Heya! Am a new guy, & looking at everything- great site! Neater cars! I lost my place where I first saw the 'Cycle Kart Tech Forum'. It was at the page bottom, with 2 other places to poke around & had a picture of a front suspension that is what I have in mind. The springs were mounted below the frame to pivots off a central, narrowed-at-front, frame extension, & shackled at the axle spindles. There was a narrow & nearly flat brace, like a long, narrow 'A' frame, mounted in the same manner, above that. I can't seem to find the picture again, wonder if anyone recalls, or has seen the same picture, or who might the builder be. I'm hoping it would be a club member! (Thanks from The Lost Guy!)

RotClubKath Christopher Dixon
Katherine, NT, Australia   AUS
This page is absolutely invaluable for a wanna be cyclekart maker who reads the info but has no idea of what the items look like in real life. Now, with the links and then the pictures and the prices, I can start looking to see if there are any suppliers in Australia.
Top post this

Macadoo Mike McCloud/M
Polson, MT, USA   USA
Thanks, but still need to know where that page 'Is'. I'll keep huntin' of course, but thought someone may have seen the same picture. Thanks again for the Reply!

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