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Speed~~and Relativity!!!!

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CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Dave D
Federal Way, WA, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
You found it.
We just don't need quite as much of it as we used to.
You can spend more money and get more scared, but you will never have more fun driving anything.

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MichaelR Avatar
MichaelR Michael Richard
Albany, GA., USA   USA
Back in 1968 a friend and I took a Yamaha 180 twin engine with the 5 speed gearbox and mounted it on a go kart. My friend always talked of F1 drivers and statistics almost like he knew them personally. The things was very scary and I had to admit to him I wasn't driving it anymore and he should sell it and get something else. Later that week he died on it. When we're young we seldom let self preservation rule the day. I was lucky it wasn't me. The frame broke at high speed and flipped the kart into a mailbox post. No helmet on a paved road, no idea how fast it really was but just scary fast. Looking back on that I often wonder why I got into motorcycle racing knowing my turn could be on the next turn. I raced for years, rode like an idiot for years, traded a fast bike for something safer and in 2001 was run down from behind me doing 55 she doing 75. IN a fight with a car the bike always loses. So here I am trading pure unadulterated speed for perceived speed and thrills. And truthfully I'm looking forward to it.

Denny Graham Gold Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
Ah, you guys had the original Shifter kart! Sorry to hear about your
Well dang now Michael! Here I just went out and bought me a new
Triumph T-100 back in '10 (fast). Fact is ......I just bought me another
little one the Summer before I broke me wrist in 2016, a TU250X (slow).
But...can't blame that shattered wrist on no bike, Old Frosty laid down a
sheet of ice on the drive and knocked me to the ground that morning (slower yet).
So it seems, I been hurt more standin' still than speedin' up.
I hate to think of the day I gotta get rid of my toys. But I suppose that
day will come, when I grow up. Unless of course I fall off a ladder and
end it all before then.

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Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Just stay off ladders!spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Good night Denny

MichaelR Avatar
MichaelR Michael Richard
Albany, GA., USA   USA
Well you can't give up everything and sit on a porch. I mean sooner or later they might put me on a porch, but I ain't going lightly. LOL

tiopancho Avatar
tiopancho Silver Member David Dahl
Swansea Point, BC, Canada   CAN
If you have to sit on the porch just make sure you have a shotgun so you can shoot at the travelling salesmen going by!

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