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What got you started, if you have? What's kept you going?

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Kelly Wood Avatar
Salt Lake City, UT, USA   USA
1910 CycleKart Great Britain "Sargette"

My apologies for offending anyone. I mean nothing ill-willed, I really don't.


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1908Rick Avatar
1908Rick Rick Eggers
Cape Coral, FL, USA   USA
You didn't offend anyone. If you're referring to what I said, it was in jest. We're all here for a good time. It's all good.

Woodysrods Avatar
Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Some great comments, information, and warnings have been brought forward with this thread.thumbs up
In an earlier post by Dave, he pointed out how projects can be stalled or even abandoned by over complication
and "indecision".
I am one of those builders that hate to do anything twice or have to repair, replace, or re work something after my
projects are finished.
Thus, I have adopted a distinctive MO with everything I have ever built or worked on.
"When I reach a task that I am not 100% sure of, or convinced that I will be 100% satisfied with upon completion, I STOP"
I then wait until the lightbulb comes on,confused smiley or I have researched that aspect of what I am doing to find the direction I am
happy to proceed with."
This approach leads me to never building any one thing start to finish in "one go!" I guess that is why I always have multiple
project to bounce back and forth on, as the excitement or inspiration dictates; because one never know when that "light bulb"
might come on (usually about 3:00 am while I am trying to sleepangry smiley)
My Cyclekart awaits as I work on my MGA each day...............but it's turn is coming again very soon...I can feel it!

So that is what keeps "me" going!hot smiley

Merry Christmas

The "Woody Racing Team" WILL be ready for the 2019 season!

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CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Dave D
Federal Way, WA, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
Brian, you're another one who has never appeared to be stuck.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you wanted just take a day and assemble your Miller, it would be a completely drivable cyclkart tomorrow, and that has been the case for many months. Some of us just can't wait to roll it out at midnight with no brakes and a pair of visegrips holding a steering bracket down to give her a go!

Brian will not pull that cord until the windscreen has been treated with Rainex!

Denny Graham Gold Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
Brian....are you sure your daddy wasn't down around Chicago, IL back in
the winter of 1941?????? We are alike in so many ways it's frightening.
I'm the exact same way about tending to ALL of the little details before
I ever light a fire in it. I'm that way about every project that I'm working
on whether it's got a motor and wheels or not. It drives my big old wife
nuts cuz she is always leaving most every thing she does, 85% done
and never comes back to finish them off. Like the dishes or laundry,
or gardening, etc.
When I took the Pitts out to the airport for the first time I spent a week
rigging it and checking every nut, bolt and wire. That was the last
time I had to touch it for the next 500 hours, cept for the pre-flight
walk around and required annual inspections to change oil, check
for cracks or anything that may have came loose. I never lost a bolt
nor had to change anything not even the rigging. Did make one mistake
when I thought I knew more than Curtis Pitts. I fit my tail pipes up nice
and snug like I would have done on a car, instead of leaving them loose
and sloppy like the print called for. That cause and header to crack after
about 10 hours of engine time, easy fix.
I once dropped a nut into the cockpit and spent a day and half looking
till I found it.
And that's been the plan for the Riley from the rush. I fully
expect to crank it up for the first time and spend a lot of time in it
without having to redo or repair it for the Summer. There is a lot to
be said for doing a though job with a lot of fore thought.
I can't begin to tell you how many buddies of mine couldn't wait to
get their street rod builds and on the road or to a show only to have
something fail or fall off every time they would take them out for
a ride.
Old Blue, my '50 was put up on blocks the day I drove it home and didn't
hit the road again till all the mechanical's were brought back to factory specs.
I've driven her for 10 years weather permitting and around 20,000 miles and
haven't had to do any out of the ordinary scheduled maintenance to it yet.
So some may call it over complicating the build, I call it being well prepared.
Denny G
Sandwich, IL

Carty McCartFace Robert J
Fresno, CA, USA   USA
I know diddly fart about cars. Not a gear/petrol head, at all.

Which, I am a capable mechanic. I have rebuilt a Jeep cj and a vw beetle, replaced engines, clutches, brakes, etc. I check and adjust valves with the greatest of ease. smiling smiley Don’t even have a book for the scooter. The scooter learned me all I need to know about cvts, by the by. How to tune them, and etc. winking smiley

I’ve just never been a “car guy”.

That said, finding these karts (which I discovered while researching a pedal car build, which is almost done, again, I think) has opened a world to me that I never knew existed. And I love it!

The “olde tymey” cars these toys are meant to emulate are hilarious. And very beautiful.


It’s awesome that the original cars we, some of us (I’m almost ready to start the kart, after the kart like vehicle is done...), are copying, or are planning to copy, were as varied as the modern karts that keep their spirit alive. Some so polished they gleamed, and some as crusty as my prose.

Dang, but they all ran together, eh? Bound by the ridiculous notion to circuit, in purpose built cars, a track made to test and try, as much competing one against another, as each against their own selves.

Each of us our own Bugatti or Ferrari, eh? Not the cars! The men. The people. Each of us dreaming dreams only partly understood by even our own peers, and almost always just beyond our own reach. And the pudding only proved where the rubber meets the road. Or Slyme. smiling smiley

Because it’s always about what’s just out of reach, eh? Around that next corner? One second less, one mph more, one more mpg...

I appreciate, very much, the dedication each of these machines represent. And, as an inveterate (and professional) builder of things dreamt up, I sure appreciate the visions realized here. From GitErDun, to Wipe With Diaper Only. smiling smiley

Mine will be a simple box kart. Because I want a GitErDun, and because it best emulates the inspiration car. Of course, it’ll have two, smaller engines joined, which best emulates the is inspiration car, too. I said simple, not easy. Hahaha.


P.S. I think the pedal car is on its second winter. Third or fourth body. Third chassis. Fourth front axle. Third or fourth drive train. I think I finally got it. But, if not, I’ll start again, until I finally get it working, and looking just the way I want it.

CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Dave D
Federal Way, WA, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
If your words end up being the final contribution to this topic,
it will not have ended badly at all.

MichaelR Avatar
MichaelR Michael Richard
Albany, GA., USA   USA
Well here I sit with nothing more done than to tinker on building a pedal set, but I am one of the worst for over thinking something. I had to on the cycles. But I'm finding a lot of good advice and warnings here and this thread is just that. I take it kind of as a warning to slow down, and keep it simple. My original front axle specs were reviewed by a member and it was suggested I was WAAAY over building it. It's not easy slowing way down to a sport where you travel about 1/4 the speed of the one you left. I was going to fab my own spindles and such, but why? I mean I respect the people here with talents extraordinaire, and love to look at the workmanship. But the advice I get is slow down, KISS, enjoy, especially for a first build. I didn't pick an easy one, but it can be done well if I follow what they are suppose to be and not what I think they should be. I stumbled on the ice racing video and subsequently found the build site for one of the cars at cyclekart design and fell in love with the simplicity of that wood frame build. Will I build it that simple? No. But I learned something there. It's not going to be going 150mph on pavement or anywhere else, it won't ever handle like a dream, but I could build it so it looks good and stays together without having to put a 200 horse engine in it. Simple. So I have planned, schemed, designed, drawn out, figured, well you know the drill. So why am I doing it? It's new, it still takes patience, to build, skill to drive, and acceptance that fun doesn't have to come at the ragged edge of life. Will I finish it? I almost always finish a project. Will I race any of you? Probably not as this area is void of Karts. Could I start some people up in it? Sure! More fun in numbers until it gets political. I do appreciate every comment, even the odd ones, it's how you learn. I'll screw some of it up, but you do that on the first one of anything mostly. So I'm trying to get hold of the slow and steady wins the race thing. I love it.

TheGIantTribble Avatar
Chelmsford, Essex, UK   GBR
For me, I watched all the vids that were around at that time, and they made me smile, dream, and I could see how I could build with learning extras to what I already knew, rather than entire new skill sets.
Wouldn't cost a fortune to build, and wouldn't be scared if they got scratched. Every dent would tell a story.
They appealed to the part of me that rebels against the modern world of health and safety instead of common sense.
They hark back to a time of daring do, tall tales, and maps that were still marked with 'er be dragons! Well maybe not quite that far back.
A time when every car looked different, every driver was a hero, and each manufacturer had a strong willed leader with their own thoughts on how it should be done.

As to what's kept me going, it's only taken a year longer than it should, (and counting) grim determination, and the fear of the Mrs nagging...I mean taking to me, if I don't get it finished!

Most of all they make me smiling smiley

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