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Rick Eggers USA

Author: Rick Eggers USA
Total 21 posts - Started on 2017-10-31

Body panels 015
I'm not sure about this, but here's the deal. I ran out of the .040 white aluminum that I made most of the body out of, and I still needed a hood. There actually was enough to start with, but due to a slight miscalculation, the hood I cut out had to be scrapped (measure twice, cut once, dummy). So I was left with a choice - buy another 4 x 8 sheet from the local supplier, or just get a 3" x 3" sheet from Home Depot. I almost didn't buy the Home Depot aluminum because it's thin, .019 to be exact. Then I decided to give it a shot. What I didn't realize in the store was not only is it...

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Chuck Kraeuter USA

Author: Chuck Kraeuter USA
Total 26 posts - Started on 2017-07-20

For those of us who are keeping score at home: I've chose 12 degrees of kingpin inclination, 0 degrees of camber, adjustable caster, adjustable toe, full Ackerman, and to take a big step forward toward completion.

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Randy R CAN

Author: Randy R CAN
Total 7 posts - Started on 2017-11-14

5BB390F0 8AE7 4053 AD3A 57FCECF73239
At least it’s a start.

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Robert Bimrose AUS

Author: Robert Bimrose AUS
Total 9 posts - Started on 2015-12-10

Looking good
Well it has been a long time since updating the AAR Special progress. As always my gratitude to goes to my friend and engineer Darryl whose work is what you see here. Features that have been added is the twin hydraulic brake cylinders, period styled pedal assembly, installation of the rack & pinion steering including the fully engineered front axle. The king pins are not bushed but contain roller and thrust bearings along with stylised gussets and steering arms; and near completion of the driveline package. To create a upright effect for the steering wheel Darryl made the tubular steerin...

Kurt Seedhouse Silver Member CAN

Author: Kurt Seedhouse Silver Member CAN
Total 16 posts - Started on 2015-07-07

20170527 132714
Test drive today

Dave D USA

Author: Dave D USA
Total 7 posts - Started on 2016-12-12

Douglas Anderson GBR

Author: Douglas Anderson GBR
Total 10 posts - Started on 2013-10-20

Honda ANF125 Front wheels with disc rotors
I had a look at a few different 17" wheels which were available. I opted for Honda Innova ANF125 front wheels and managed to pick up four of these for GBP £190 complete with tyres and disc rotors. The ANF125 front wheels have a 1.40" x 17" rim and use 32 x 12mm bearings. 12mm spindles are not going to be man enough for single sided support on front hubs therefore I am changing the bearings to 32 x 20mm angular contact versions. I will make my front hubs with 20mm spindles to suit. At the rear I will use the same ANF125 front wheels but will utilise the (4) M8 disc rotor mountin...

Christobal Welchissimo USA

Author: Christobal Welchissimo USA
Total 20 posts - Started on 2012-08-20

So after driving the Rotten Tuna on several ice events, it became clear that without a body it was going to rust into oblivion. Also it was 20 lbs too heavy, and didn't work most of the time. So we scrapped it. There is a legacy of the Rotten Tuna though, the wheels have been used for a new Kart and the running gear has been stored for future projects. But for now the RT is no more. Moving on to new adventures, namely the Type 69. See the build blog here:

Steve Vinson USA

Author: Steve Vinson USA
Total 9 posts - Started on 2015-08-04

Scottsdale Grand Prix 2016 7 wasp
Had the karts on display at the 2016 Grand Prix of Scottsdale.

Brian C USA

Author: Brian C USA
Total 45 posts - Started on 2014-06-07

After the week end in Tieton, the kart held up petty good,but the steering had and lot of slop in it . So when I returned from Tieton and inspected my car I beefed up the coupler on my steering shaft. Much better now!

Don Nothwang/c USA

Author: Don Nothwang/c USA
Total 24 posts - Started on 2014-11-29

Its just a few days till we leave for our second Tieton race,ive installed a near gear and steering rack.Here are a few more pics from last years build

Alan P USA

Author: Alan P USA
Total 11 posts - Started on 2016-05-30

Front view
Spent today making a template for my windscreen, transferring it to the poly, cutting, sanding, drilling and finally mounting.

Don Minch USA

Author: Don Minch USA
Total 8 posts - Started on 2015-04-11

20160224 153222
Hurray for income tax refunds. I have more parts on the way. The tires, tubes, and rim strips came. The first pic shows one, a Tioga Powerblock (BMX racing tire) mounted on one of my rims and inflated. These are gonna be nice. Decent grip under sideload, low rolling friction, especially with the recommended 65 PSI. I should cruise nicely with them. The second pic was just me playing around at colorizing a B&W picture of the Indy 500 Bugatti. This is the car I'm basing the final design of my velomobile around. I needed to see what it might look like in red - the color I plan to paint m...

jason y USA

Author: jason y USA
Total 10 posts - Started on 2015-03-28

my dad and i have been working away and getting a lot done. i have lots of photos and video. i'll work on a youtube video and get something posted later this week. for now my four free pics will have to do. jason

Bill Bailey USA

Author: Bill Bailey USA
Total 7 posts - Started on 2015-06-05

Put a hole in the building Dennis B And I patch
Sunday before Tieton went down to Dan Martin's industrial park for a last test run before Tieton - crashed the car, bent both springs and the axle and put a hole in One of Dan's buildings. Fortunately, Dennis Backstrom had a spare rolling chassis and loaned me a front end for Tieton. Got the CK back together, went to Tieton, recruited my first team driver, and had a great time. Will be putting on the engine cover soon and making some needed improvements after multiple problems in Tieton - more to follow...

Todd Hildebrandt USA

Author: Todd Hildebrandt USA
Total 26 posts - Started on 2015-03-25

Gas tank motor cover
Dad gave me a gas tank from a WD tractor. It matches the hood and grille I am using. Tonight I got it mounted in place. It has the boat tail look without completely covering and causing heat issues (I think).

Eric Jacobson USA

Author: Eric Jacobson USA
Total 8 posts - Started on 2015-05-20

So after the refund, when the seller found out he actually didn't have the wheel, I found another one. Won the bid..turns out it was $.09 more than the refund. So I have three in hand and the fourth one should be here in about a week. Let's hope. So one average, with shipping I paid $62.25 per wheel. Without shipping the average drops dramatically to $33.75 I believe I got good ones. Need some cleaning up maybe even some bead blasting and a coat of paint but with all that being said, I honestly think with my next kart I will be buying brand new ones...current cost on those is $1...

Mike Poinsett USA

Author: Mike Poinsett USA
Total 7 posts - Started on 2015-03-19

After getting real tired of looking at grey primer, I cruised down to the hardware store and picked up a few rattle cans of Rustoleum's finest. You know, I actually believe I picked up about 5 mph on the top speed now! At least the neighbors can see me coming now.

Jim Donovan Silver Member USA

Author: Jim Donovan Silver Member USA
Total 14 posts - Started on 2014-06-06

Bottom of frame with primer coat
The first thing we did was drive it around and made sure the body handled nicely as a bare frame. Then we finished the spot welding and reinforced all the welds since we were happy the way it performed. Next it was take every piece off the frame and get it ready to put a coat of protective paint on the frame.

Henny B NLD

Author: Henny B NLD
Total 16 posts - Started on 2014-10-17

Last photo before the wheel
You guys have to excuse me. I got myself a cheapy English wheel. So I can teach myself a new skill. Here are some pictures of the progress and the wheel. I can tell you here is a lot of learning to do. To make the right movements in one supple go. Keeping the panel level. And the more it's start to shine. The more you see the the imperfection, you just rolled in. But it's fun. Henny


Author: Sam A USA
Total 19 posts - Started on 2012-08-03

20140315 171049
Today I mounted the jackshafts and cut chain. Finally weather was nice so I went outside for some pics. Slowly but surely my "custom" kart is coming along.

earl upgrade USA

Author: earl upgrade USA
Total 20 posts - Started on 2014-02-13

IMG 0974
With the majority of bugs worked out of the design, the car is being prepped for paint and I am working on all the appropriate accoutrements of the inspiration car.

James M USA

Author: James M USA
Total 14 posts - Started on 2013-01-01

Bourbon Kart acting up
Since we have been encapsulated in artic cold weather for over 2 months here in Michigan, it was natural to take advantage of the natural Ice Flats know as frozen lakes. With the help of a 4x4 ATV with a plow blade, we cut a 1/3 Mile Track and commenced to running what we brought. The boys from Seven Turban Bourbon attended as well as a representative from the 586 ( a local zip code ). Over twenty in attendence and fun was had by all until multiple malfunctions were had by all racecars, two leaving with 1 wheel less than on arrival. We will definitely do this again next year!

Mike Thorpe NZL

Author: Mike Thorpe NZL
Total 8 posts - Started on 2013-08-09

IMG 5635 1
Just put a few layers of glass over the foam

Michael Droll USA

Author: Michael Droll USA
Total 14 posts - Started on 2012-08-13

Ok so i got super busy and did not have time to make any entries. I had to wait on more of my wheels to get delivered, i only sanded the body and did a few things here and there. 2 of my other wheels came in yesterday, just need one more. I have to bend the front axle and make my front shackles 2" longer. Here is a video on what i am doing for the front spindles.

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