The Ferrari 1950 Ferarri 166 F2 Of Gastone Piegatoassale

Finish Work

Dave D   USA — Posted on The CycleKart Club
Thursday January 26, 2017 9:34 PM

All suspension steering and systems were removed

All suspension, steering, and systems were removed in order to carry the 90lb body into the house. To cold in shop for this work.

Big compound curves made this more challenging tha

Big compound curves made this more challenging than most full size cars.

Back into the cold shop for re assembly All steel

Back into the cold shop for re-assembly. All steel parts were painted while out and now I can get it wet without it rusting. Time for the details to be added.

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2017-01-27 05:36:35 # 39909
Comment by Dennis Graham
Looks great Dave, what is styling film? Brings up nothing when Googled.dg
2017-01-27 08:31:37 # 39911
Comment by Dennis Thomas
Beautiful Cyclekart Dave. Nicely done!
2017-01-27 11:24:23 # 39914
Comment by Dave D
Thanks so much, Dennis . Alot of detail to though.Light weight stuff fortunately.Denny, styling film is what some companies call their wrap vinyl. Same stuff we wrap big trucks with basically.
2017-01-27 12:24:00 # 39915
Comment by Dave D
Thanks again, both you guys.What I was attempting to type was that I had alot of detail to add yet. Nothing heavy, thank goodness, asI'm already at 262lb.
2017-01-30 07:19:37 # 39971
Comment by Mark Kenny
Rating: 9/10
Dave - do you have any more pictures of your CK?I'm particularly interested in how you made all of the compound curves.Beautiful !
2017-01-31 07:46:35 # 39991
Comment by Zoran R. P.
Rating: 10/10
Dave, anybody knows that red cars are faster than other! Full speed with pedal to metal! We should say soemthing as "gas do daske" (trottle to the board)... Zoran
2017-02-07 22:09:38 # 40161
Comment by Bryan Dickerson
I really look forward to seeing your Ferrari live. Incredible job Dave!
2017-02-07 22:30:29 # 40162
Comment by Dave D
Thanks so much, all of you.Just out for a test with full bodywork on today.Need some adjustments after re-assembly butwent well. Stage1 really wakes things up!
2017-02-07 22:35:56 # 40163
Comment by Dave D
Mark.You can see zoomed in the strip planking but I neglected to get pictures of the framework beneath.The tight compounds are carved from foam.

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