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Progress Report/New Equipment

Charles Schultz   USA — Posted on The CycleKart Club
Saturday December 16, 2017 4:17 PM

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2017-12-16 19:09:08 # 46986
Comment by Dennis Graham
Lots of discussion a year or so back Charles. Vitally and Mick both did a bang up job on louvers for their Bugs.Sorry but I'm no good at searching the archives, but at least it's a startingpoint for your question.I'll be making up a punch to use in my hydraulic press. The dies are pretty simple and I would seriously think about something along those lines rather than cut slots and try to hammer them out.dg
2017-12-17 02:20:09 # 47001
Comment by Dennis Graham
Might help locate those threads Charles. "Thrush" is Michael Sutton's handle and 'Bitalli' is Vitaliy Koyy's. dg
2017-12-30 19:11:56 # 47278
Comment by Gregg Kishline
Chuck .... , just a few small panels of louvers, strategically placed, will give you the desired effect. I am familiar with the car. Don't over-do it. Said aluminum panel would be just a little larger than the louver cluster. Attach it where you want it. Lance has an original 50's louver press. Offer: I'll make 'em if you send some sized aluminum and a sketch. gk
2017-12-31 03:43:21 # 47307
Comment by Dennis Graham
Several of the guys here have posted their version of a louver press Gregg.I'd sure be interested in yours or yourfriend Lance's.tksDenny GrahamSandwich, IL
2017-12-31 07:50:35 # 47311
Comment by Vince De Blasi
Nick Walters on post#14 of his Bugatti 37 build has a nice home made wood die louver punch setup.,16441
2017-12-31 08:44:52 # 47313
Comment by Dennis Graham
I've seen that Vince, thanks. I've got a couple ofhydraulic presses in the shop and a couple ofBridgeport milling machines so when I get to thatstage I'll be making a more permanent metal punch.Also I am looking at making a set of louver dies for the bead roller which I just finished, which will allowme to make some odd size, odd shaped louvers. But I'm always open to new ideas and the more ofthem I see the better for my final design.Denny G

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