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Pedal assembly done 001
Today, in between yard work and thunderstorms, I managed to do the final installation of my pedal assembly, including anchoring the throttle cable and brake line to the frame going back to the engine compartment. It was at this point I realized, if I bleed the brake, bolt down the motor, and put the chain on, I could take this thing for a spin around the block! I'm that close! But now it has to wait a while, because we're leaving for France tomorrow. We'll be in LeMans Saturday and Sunday, then touring southern France and Italy before driving through the Swiss Alps back to Paris for thre...

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Hello. Bill here, always wanted to build my own car then I found cycle karts on the web, started with a peerless 820 six speed rear end locked it and built the frame and all ancillaries to fit the axle. Had to be different so I mounted the motor up front. Found the the perfect car to emulate and started with a budget not to exceed 1500 dollars, 9 months later and 1800 down I now have a running driving car, strangely enough the front engine ,home made ,drive shaft mower rear end arrangement worked great. The brakes were the real problem, found out through use just how much force is applied to a...

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Trying to figure out drive line
Even the most rudamentary drawings take time and tons of thought, ambitious convertible top on paper not a reality.

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Cooling scoop 006
I read a lot of info about engines running hot because of trapped air in the engine compartment. This is my solution. Duct cool outside air to the engine's cooling fan. The aluminum duct mounts to the motor with the three bolts that hold the starter on the engine. After final assembly, I'll seal the duct to the inside of the tail with foam weatherstripping. I also intend to duct cool air to the air cleaner and the brake caliper/rotor.


IMG 20180122 134049725
Suspension worked out for now so on to the ability to hang some front wheels on the cyclekart, simple 1 1/2 x 1/4 thick wall square tube cut and welded cuz it won't bend, hard part figuring out distance from side to side where the spindle mounts weld on, side note, cut and welded this all up, mounted it ,put the wheels on and gave it the jump up and down test only to see my right front wheel and spindle assembly fold in and the axle break at the weld,. This will instantly freez your mind and send your thoughts all the way back to the wide eyed smiling face day that you opened that magical HF...


Suspension wings 008
I know this probably isn't the most accurate way to weigh a vehicle, but I did it out of curiosity, I put a bathroom scale under the rear end with a wood block to hold up the car on the scale. Then I did the same under the front end. I subtracted the weight of the wood block and I came up with 120 pounds in the rear and 66 in the front. Not bad considering all that's left is some lightweight fiberglass parts and seat upholstery. With a little work, I might be able to keep it under 200, which was my goal.


Hard to see welded pipe homemade shackle simple b
Didn't Know if the layout I intended for the spring shackle mount would work at all, but it was the only way to avoid tire clearance issues due to the shape of the front half of the frame. The mounts would be on both sides of the frame. Aft mounts are inboard of the frame and forward mounts are outbourd. This keeps them parallel to each other and relative to the parallel frame rail at the rear. So I end up with straight springs on the pinched frame. Front hangers are through bolts that are locked and the spring is free to move on the bolt. Shackle's are a home made concoction tided ...


Picture 1
My car will be based on a the 1932 - 1935 Alfa Romeo tipo B P3 monoposto (Picture 1). So to start my design I took a picture of me in the garage sitting in a cobbled up seat in the posistion I want to sit in while driving the car. I am holding a ruler for scale (Picture 2). Of course the stupid guy holding the ruler didn’t hold it straight so I had to correct it in Photoshop (Picture 3). I imported the picture into a sketch drawn in Solid Edge that had the 66 in wheelbase and the 24 1/4 in wheels I am building (Picture 4). I placed a picture of the source car and the sketch toget...


2 PVC pipe to cover5 8 shaft fits perfectly into t
Mounting the motor is not difficult or complicated and this is due to the rear live axle being mounted on the one inch Id pillow blocks, it is the only adjustment you will have to align the sprocket on the tail end of the 5/8 keyed shaft. I now arrived at the most critical and hardest part, mount three pillow blocks on the shaft,. Align the shaft with the motor,shim where and as needed, mark locations,,,. Do this over and over and over, once you arrive at a good arrangement tack weld pillow block mounts and motor mount. This may take several years ????. This is where you find out if you r...


Poor pic but it s the final incarnation of the cal
I started with the things I thought would be the hardest things to source. Wheel's came to mind first. This is where eBay is handy, especially if the seller is a good photographer and the discription is honest and direct , not liking the look of the drilled drum wheel hub I opted for a more period correct wheel, I have a set of drum hubs over in the corner gathering dust. Used a one inch dia bit to bore the hub to accept the one inch solid live axle" did this free hand with cordless drill"???? after that I promptly bought a good used floor mount drill press ( just in case). Shaft is keyed, us...


Check out the head lights
Made it back under its own power. Some more tweaks and rear body cover and I'll call it done.


1 2 of the angle is cut stopped the cut at the bo
The rear width was determined by the placement of the pillow blocks, front width was determined by the engine location and size of the cockpit, this frame has multiple angles and widths purely for asthetics but as it turns out also for suspension operation,turn radius,and steering functionality. I was hitting all my numbers( almost perfectly) from my drawings and all was going well until I got ready for spring shackle mount construction and location,. Ok well I haven't welded since Jr high so here's where I jumped off the deep end, amazing what you can teach yourself when you have to, thin wal...


IMG 20180217 191223577
Thanks Denny Graham, for your interest in the front engine layout, I haven't put the kart on a scale, but in my pics it's sitting on saw horses, I can pick it up to the level of the horses but need help to get them under the kart, so I can only estimate the weight to be in the 160-180 range . Also by figuring that the rear section is somewhere in the 70lb range with tires and fuel,the front to be about 60lb, and the center to be around 20-30lb, tack on another 20 lb for good measure and you get to the sub 200 lb. A real surprise for me will be to actually put it on the scales and find out. So...


Body panels 0018
I had to put the suspension and wheels back on to move it around, just so I could clean and organize my work space. So it was another picture opportunity. I gotta say, I'm liking how this is turning out. I can almost hear the roar of engines when I look at it. The cowl is still not completely finished. Hopefully, today I can get it trimmed up and glued on. Everything else is attached and the glue seems to be doing it's job. Soon it'll be fiberglass work and then paint! Oh wow! Just out of curiosity, I measured the body height at the highest point. 26 inches. That's pretty low.


I always try to make my stuff ( battleship strong)

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