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1927 CycleKart French Black Billy Kendrick

1927 CycleKart French
"Double Black Diamond"
2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Magnum Steel Metalic Billy Kendrick

2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup
"Ram R/T"

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 19,003 mi (30,582 km) — Average age: 1972

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New To It All

Posted on: Friday May 25, 2018

Hello. Bill here, always wanted to build my own car then I found cycle karts on the web, started with a peerless 820 six speed rear end locked it and built the frame and all ancillaries to fit the axle. Had to be different so I mounted the motor up front. Found the the perfect car to emulate and started with a budget not to exceed 1500 dollars, 9 months later and 1800 down I now have a running driving car, strangely enough the front engine ,home made ,drive shaft mower rear end arrangement worke...


Posted on: Monday June 11, 2018

Trying to figure out drive line

Even the most rudamentary drawings take time and tons of thought, ambitious convertible top on paper not a reality.

Axle And Rack And Pinion

Posted on: Monday June 11, 2018

IMG 20180122 134049725

Suspension worked out for now so on to the ability to hang some front wheels on the cyclekart, simple 1 1/2 x 1/4 thick wall square tube cut and welded cuz it won't bend, hard part figuring out distance from side to side where the spindle mounts weld on, side note, cut and welded this all up, mounted it ,put the wheels on and gave it the jump up and down test only to see my right front wheel and spindle assembly fold in and the axle break at the weld,. This will instantly freez your mind and s...

Front Suspension

Posted on: Tuesday June 5, 2018

Hard to see welded pipe homemade shackle simple b

Didn't Know if the layout I intended for the spring shackle mount would work at all, but it was the only way to avoid tire clearance issues due to the shape of the front half of the frame. The mounts would be on both sides of the frame. Aft mounts are inboard of the frame and forward mounts are outbourd. This keeps them parallel to each other and relative to the parallel frame rail at the rear. So I end up with straight springs on the pinched frame. Front hangers are through bolts that...

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