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I am a college custodian and an old truck builder (49 chevy & 46 dodge). Vehicles are getting to be too big a project anymore. These look like they'll fit my tinkering ways. Just found 4 wheels (that's the hard part, right?) and got springs here last year.

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Motor Cover

Posted on: Friday June 26, 2015

Gas tank motor cover

Dad gave me a gas tank from a WD tractor. It matches the hood and grille I am using. Tonight I got it mounted in place. It has the boat tail look without completely covering and causing heat issues (I think).

Go Pedal Stuff

Posted on: Saturday June 6, 2015

Standard CK accelerator stuff

Had to re make the go pedal. I made the frame narrower than I first intended and the other wouldn't fit. So like I have done before, I ripped off Dennis. The stud on the carb was his too as the predator unit didn't look stout enough for me. Found out I can't drill a grade 5 bolt but a grade 2 worked. I may have got a bad nyloc nut and used thread locker on the motor linkage. To be clear, only on the first nut to secure the stud loosely on the arm.

Still At It

Posted on: Monday May 25, 2015

Brake rod w yoke

Had some other projects creep into the picture and slow to post an update. Picked up some 3/8" rod and a yoke a couple weeks back. Threaded end and put a jamb nut on. Did more welding on the front axle. Needs some grinding and fish plates and caps. Picked up a seat for a John Deere gator, just fits between the frame rails. Welded the cross bracing in the rear, the brake mount and the motor plate.

Adjuster Update

Posted on: Sunday May 10, 2015

WP 000605

OK, can't leave well enough alone and made an upgrade. The bolt wasn't going to be long enough and I made this solution. A piece of all thread and a coupling nut. I turned down and knurled half of the coupling nut. Next ran the coupling nut up the all thread with a normal nut. Twist the all thread in to the bracket moving the motor to the rear. Turn the coupling nut down to 1/8" from the bracket and tighten the normal nut behind it. Take the adjusting bolt back out and drill through the middle o...

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