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1927 CycleKart French

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The Boattail Completion REDUX

Posted on: Monday November 6, 2017


Whoops ! I forgot I had already posted most of this. Ah, well. It might be useful to someone - there's a bit more description of process this time. When last we left our heroes, we were racing around without having finished the back of my 1927 Salmson. It worked fine, but lacked that certain je ne sais quoi that comes with added detail and completion, even on a simple workmanlike ride as this. So, I finally got around to making the lid of the boattail (and tossed on the Brooklands scree...

Finally Finished The Bodywork - Mostly.

Posted on: Friday October 6, 2017

The basic aluminum angle lid frame formed on Shr

Well, it's been a great Summer. We had two Northeast meets and the 27 Salmson ran in both, though woefully incomplete in aesthetic details. This week, I got around finally to adding the faux exhaust, the brooklands screen, some rearview mirrors (hey, I got punted by Nick Walters, braking harder when I din't know he was back there!), and now the final part of the body work (other than underskirts): the compound-curved engine cover-boattail bit. I framed it like the rest of the body, with 1-inc...

Ready To Run (sort Of)

Posted on: Wednesday May 31, 2017


OK, it's just three days til the Great (I added that) First Northeast Dustoff! And I have to work tomorrow. But I made good progress and have a workable CK! It's been said that if you're not making mistakes, you're not making progress. So yesterday, I made a lot of progress (ahem). I forgot that aluminum and enamel don't stick together without a primer layer in between, so all the painted parts of the body (the whole front bits) had to be stripped and re-done. Not that I needed that ti...

Nothing Concentrates The Mind Like A Deadline!

Posted on: Monday May 29, 2017

BasicWoodChassis Body Lines2

Yeah, well, nothing causes issues like a time-bound task, either. When things go right, OK, and when not, AUGGHHH!! Anyway, regular readers will recall that I, in a fit of inspiration, scheduled the First Northeast Dustoff got June 3 (and event to get together CKers hereabouts, so as to establish this hobby/sport in this corner of the US, and not let the northwesties and southwesties have all the fun). So, that means a little prep is required: a course of course, some food and drink, but most...

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