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My 1924 Miller 122 Build has started.

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Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Well, after almost 10 months since I heard of CycleKarts for the first time, and a trip to Tieton, my waiting period is over.
Most of my promised chores are complete and my new CycleKart Shop is almost ready for action.
My starting date projection of Nov. 1st has now arrived!smiling smiley
It is time to get to work on my first CycleKart!
No cutting, grinding or welding was done today (day one), but a final decision was made on "What" I am going to build.thumbs up
It will be a 1924 Miller 122/183 with the more lower profile of the 1925 FWD model built into the design.
Spent a portion of the day opening boxes of part unofficially accumulated over the summer.
Also put pen to paper and made my preliminary sketches (I am not much of an artist) would love to draft a computerized image (but am not very computer savvy either)So, please be patient in waiting for pictorial updates.
I am good with number though and the scale looks good! I broke down the specific dimensions that I have been able to obtain on Millers, and scaled them to fit the CycleKart criteria ......and came up with a couple of exciting drafts.
I have also put out a plea to other Miller based CycleKart builders to share their thoughts and tips!
Hope to have a blueprint and maybe a full sized image produced in the next week so I can start ordering my materials.
The plan is to make the body from .032 aluminum, riveted together much like the original race cars themselves.
As I am not into woodwork so much, my Kart will be devoid of wood completely.
A build journal will be started once I figure that part of the Forum out????
I do hope some of you will follow along with my build.
.Good Roads

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Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
One other bit of business to attend to now that my build is to THANK all of those that have helped me out to this point.
With everything from inspiration, technical Kart information, parts sourcing, parts delivery and access, to fellowship and an opportunity to have hands on driving experience at Tieton.
Hope my build lives up to your expectations.
Thanks...........Vic, Bob, Dennis, Jack, Mike, Rhys,& those at Tieton that let me drive their Karts.
You have helped me make the decision to join the world of CycleKart building and racing.
Good Roads

Denny Graham Gold Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
Been about the same length of time for me, from when I first read a thread on our
"" forum about Cyclekarts. I'd been thinking for some years about
throwing together some sort of low slung four wheel thing to beat around the
pasture in, to burn off some energy and keep my reflexes sharp. They get
pretty dull pretty quick when you reach my age. You're fortunate to live
in an area with so much CK activity where you can be in contact with
like minded gents.
All of my time this past year has been totally used up with grounds keeping
and getting a shop set up at the new place. So....even though I squeezed in
enough to gather up parts, I haven't had any time to start cutting steel for
my kart. The longer I've waited the more I've changed my mind as I discover
previously unknown cars from the 20's and 30's. GN and Riley have topped
the list with an occasional Austin, all of them specials.
Just got natural gas run out to our part of the county and as winter starts
to set in that's the next thing that I need to address, then......maybe
I can get started on a chassis. Cept I gotta find a few weeks somewhere
to build my English wheel, but I won't be needing that till next spring when
I hope to be starting on the body work.
Tieton, WA is to far for my budget, so I have to live it thru those great vids
that Dennis T. posts for us. Maybe by next year there will be enough interest
in our area and someone with enough organizational skills that we can get
something going here in the mid-west. I've reached out to several guys from
our area who had posted to the forum. Haven't heard back, I suppose they
think I'm just a BS'er since I don't have a rolling chassis yet. I did make
contact with one guy a few towns over last summer, but since I didn't
have a kart to show him I haven't heard anything more from him or
maybe I just had bad breath that day or something.
Well..good luck with your kart, and have fun building it. At the end of the
day when I stand back and look at what I created, that's where I get my
real enjoyment.
Denny Graham
Sandwich, IL

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Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Thanks Denny
We sound like we have been dealing with the same things.
I have 4 acres and a small Street Rod business that has kept me from total retirement.
Also many other interests and too many cars!
I will be watching for the start of your build.......your build choices are all of the same ones that peaked my interest.
Remember, don't over think this simple CycleKart concept. They are supposed to bring us pleasure in both the building and driving stages.
I am sure the movement will reach your area, as it seems the interest in the hobby is growing at a rapid pace.
Good Roads

Tom Knight Avatar
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
1911 CycleKart Racing "Yellow Peril"
A Miller ? thats great, as an Indianapolis native those cars are about my favs....I almost picked one instead of the 1911 winning Wasp......Tom

TiminMb Tim M
Winnipeg, MB, Canada   CAN
Congrats. Let the fun begin. I'm also building a Miller. Styling mine off the 1928 rear wheel drive indy car that won that year.

How do you plan to shape the aluminum for the tail and cockpit flare? I'm jumping around between all sorts of idea and hybrids of materials. Fiberglass seems the easiest material for the compound curves, but I would like to do it in aluminum. Not sure if I'm up to buying and learning how to use an english wheel.

Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Hi Tim
All aluminum.........I have an English wheel!
I plan to make a buck for the cowl, hood, tail, and rad shell, once I get the scale right with a full sized drawing.
Looking forward to working with Aluminum as it not something I have worked with much in the past.
We will have to compare notes!

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PDXBryan Bryan Dickerson
Troutdale, OR, USA   USA
Hey Brian,
Not computer savvy, eh? Same here! You're my kind a' guy even if your name's spelled wrong.

Best of luck with your build,
Bryan (Mr. Analog)

Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Yes Bryan, most people can't believe that I don't have one of those cellular telephones yet, and have never sent or received a text message.
Personally I thought it might be a fad and was just waiting to see if they were going to catch on??
Good Roads

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Denny Graham Gold Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
Man O' man Brian, we certainly do have a lot in common. My "big old wife" made me
take her old flip phone a while back when she got one of those smart phones. I still
can't answer the damn thing. Had the same feelings as you about those phones,
it's probably just a fad, I'll wait till the water cools down before I jump in and take a bath.
And one is "taking a bath" for what they're charging for the phones and service.
I am somewhat computer savvy cuz I got one as soon as they came out and
spent most of my time up grading and learning the new programs and upgrades,
which were..... a new one every month. Feel the same thing will happen with
the "smart" phone. I'm also still hanging on to my land line.

And on the CK, in the building phase is where I derive my pleasure. So
my goal is to create as close as I can a mini version of the inspiration car.
A box with an emblem on the grill telling you what inspired you is not enough.
I want to stand back and see the original car when I look at it without being told
what it was supposed to be.
The build is a opportunity to apply the skills that took a lifetime to acquire, maybe
add a couple of new tools to the shop and a chance to learn something I didn't
know before in the process.
The hot rodding and real open wheel racing are in the past for me. Since
I retired in '05 I've been restoring a couple of 50's Chevy stovebolts. Mind
you I did say "restoring", not hot rodding, not that there's anything wrong
with that, just not my thing now a days. Hoping the CK's will satisfy my need
for speed, they should at my advance age. But topping out at 35 isn't gonna
cut it, that might feel ok in the bends, but I'm thinkin' more like 60 at the long end.
I can't see where the thrill would be in putting round at 35, full throttle. I still
want to hang my neck out there a little bit.

Coffee's ready, gotta go to work now, lots of projects waiting for me in the barn.
Denny G
Sandwich, IL

PDXBryan Bryan Dickerson
Troutdale, OR, USA   USA
Too funny Brian,
No cell phone either? We must have been seperated at birth! I'm the other guy in the world without one.

Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Thanks for the replies Denny & Bryan
I am heading out to my barn (Kart Shop) today too!
Moving and building benches!!!!!
And yes Denny, I agree with you on the replication factor for CKs.
I want mine to have a lot of detail as well.....which brings me to my new search.
Rather than re invent the wheel (pardon the pun) I am looking for other Forum members that may have replicated "Knock Off" spinners for their Karrts
Hope to find some before I start casting some. My concern is weight!
Can anyone help?????

Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Hi again Denny
About the ability to go fast enough to be in the game.
Take a look at Little French's post #57 under A club for "Gauls" and go to the 7 minute mark (which was the start of the race)
Camera Kart left at the same time as the CycleKart in front of him, but was almost out of site in 30 seconds.
You can watch the whole race or advance to the 10 minute mark to see them arriving at the top of the hill.
You will notice in 3 minutes (probably 1 1/2 miles) the front Kart driver has had time to turn around, get out, and take off his helmet before the camera kart even gets to the finish line?????
Food for thought.

Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Thanks Chris
They d't quite fit the bill for what I hope to build.
I will let you know what I can come up with??
Good Roads

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