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Where does one get economical (cheap) 17" wheels?

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Delta, BC, Canada   CAN
I've searched around and I don't see any reasonably priced 17" wheels. Alibaba had something, but I don't deal through that website. Any ideas or leads?

Thanks, and a Merry Christmas.

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Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Hi Randy
I don't know what you consider cheap. But, it appears that we have come to the party a little late for the cheap wheels that used to appear on ebay. And depending on location, most of the bike wreckers are running low on the CT90 wheels or they know that the demand can allow them to ask more money.
This still does not change the fact that the Wheels are "Everything" in this and any other Automotive game.
Thus, Jack Gee has saved us by in a container full of brand new wheels that he sells for a reasonable amount of money, once you consider search time, shipping, refurbishing, straightening, etc. etc. on old wheels you have paid too much for already on ebay??
So, bite the bullet and contact Vintage Kart Co.
May our B.C Group should put in a group order to save some shipping or see if we can get a volume discount??????
Once again "strength in numbers"
Good Roads

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Tom Knight Avatar
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
1911 CycleKart Racing "Yellow Peril"
Why do they have to be 17" wheels ???? Plenty of others out there, 16" or 18"......Tom

Delta, BC, Canada   CAN
Thanks for the info. Chris & Brian.

Tom: That's what I was thinking but I didn't want to go against any specs be it Gittreville or Stevenson.
Has anyone tried say for example Yamaha or Suzuki wheels?


carChips Avatar
carChips Victor Harnish
Kelowna, BC, Canada   CAN
1933 MG Magnette
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Chip"
1989 GMC Sierra 1500 "Bush Truck"
Randy, I've looked at some of the other manufacturers wheel, i.e. Suzuki, Yamaha, they look fine. They definitely need closer examination. If they have a steel wheel then they will work perfectly, you just have to be creative adapting the hub. Those other "makes" certainly made their share of pretty much the same bike as Honda.

S'all for now!

Denny Graham Silver Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
Come on guys, this is pretty straight forward stuff. All you have to do is apply
a little common sense to the idea of performance matching the karts.
Keeping a few of the basics within certain boundaries simple means
we can all compete with each other on an even basis. This has been
discussed many times in the short time that I've been a member.
200 cc engines - really no limits on the weight, you can't get much
lighter than the 250 lb spec'd in Pete's original flyer and there's
no advantage in getting heavy - so, as long as the wheel OD
falls somewhere close to 21" with a narrow contact patch you
should be on even footing with everyone else - lastly no shifters,
which would give you a huge advantage over the next guy,
That's about all the restrictions needed from my point of view
to keep things even.
Denny Graham
Sandwich, IL

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Delta, BC, Canada   CAN
Thanks carChips

Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Like I said....(without saying "Why try to re invent the wheel"winking will be money ahead, and have the piece of mind that you are a team player if you stick with the simple "Formula"
These wheels are available (probably the most available wheel in the world since Model T wheels in 1925)????
Unless your time is worth absolutely nothing to you????
And as Denny says, this topic has been discussed to death as each new Forum member comes on board. I too asked the same question 10 months ago!
Very happy with what I have now, after trying to do it cheaper in the beginning. 4 months netted me 2 wheels that need about $200.00 worth of my time to make them presentable. One 5 minute phone call netted me 4 beautiful wheels that cost me $25.00 ea. more than I paid for the ratty used ones.
Was able to move on to the next step instantly.
Just my experience so far.......being another newbie myself.
Good Roads

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Welcome Randy,

Yes some area's have dryed up for old wheels. The new one's look great and the guy's running them are very happy.
To think outside of the box, other manufacturers like Yamaha, Suzuki are good options you still need to shop though. Adapting to your need is part of the fun, self engineering.
You could also just make sure whatever wheel you use with a tire, it has the same rolling Dia. As a 17" Honda wheel IE. A 18"with a low profile tire or a 16" with a tall profile tire, as long as it rolls down the road with the same distance of everyone else's (you don't want to give yourself any advantages) I don't see why not.
I'm sure this will cause a difference in opinion. Let's hear from the masses.

Mr fixit
Chris. smiling smiley

Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
If we were Karting here in B.C. we would be thinking about "Snow Tires" on our CKs.
Sorry for posting so much today........but, I was off of the CK grid for two days and it is snowing like Jack the Bear here.
So, I am in need of a little CycleKart talk.
Might have to watch Dennis' videos for the umpteenth time, just to get my CK fix for the day.


There is an old post somewhere here that showed some Midwesterners on a frozen lake if I remember correctly and he had chains or studied tires I think?

Anyway stay warm and keep up the dialog, it warms all of us one way or another.LOL

Mr fixit
Chris. smiling smiley

Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Thanks Chris
Has it warmed up in Portland?

CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Dave D
Federal Way, WA, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
Hi Randy.
There are always things toward the end of the project you wish you had done differently.
Without a doubt, aquiring my wheels is the big one. From going to pickup wheels that turned out to be unusable, or the
wrong width, or misadvertized on ebay, or variations in bearing size, etc... Unless you have a line on 4 clean, true ct90 or110
wheels, do yourself a favor and buy the Vintage Kart ones. After all, I still will probably end up doing the same.


Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Okay, we all know that we are not stopping at just one cyclekart and already have thoughts of what we want to build down the road,
And there are probably a whole lot of us here that have one or two "Good" but mismatched wheels, that might be willing to trade for the one we need to complete our own pair or set .
This is where we can help each other out here on the Forum.
Who is looking for what or who has what...........maybe trade only or to sell to someone close by in hopes of recovering money that was wasted??????
Just more thoughts.

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