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Honda CT90 vs CR80 wheel

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rking.1688 Ryan K
Delaware, OH, USA   USA
Does anybody know the difference between the wheels on the two models. The CR wheels seem to be a little more available than the CT's and are supposedly the same size.

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Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Remember to keep track of your time and money spent on this quest.
Tell us once you have past $325.00 and end up with 4 old used wheels.
Not trying to rain on your parade or be an A......le.
Just a "realist" who has been down that path before in my Automotive Career!
Good Luck with your search for parts.
Sorry I can't help you with your question......not a motorcycle guy.

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Denny Graham Silver Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
CT90 36 spokes, Steel rims - Some feel (me) that they may be right on the border of
being to weak for a four wheel vehicle which imposes heavy side loads. That said
there appears to be little trouble with them so far.

CR80 28 spokes, longer spokes, Aluminum rims - OK for low power or electric kids yard kart.
Reports of Aluminum rims not having enough strength for a CK that will see off road or heavy

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CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Dave D
Federal Way, WA, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
Hi Ryan.
What Brian as said about the wheels might sound like a high doller copout to just fork over $325
Instead of diligently combing through craigslist ads and bike salvage yards and such.
It isn't.

Man, If I had it to do over, the first 325 bucks spent on my kart would have gone to VKco.
The condition of your wheels is not something you want to have concern over. The likelihood
of finding 25 to 40 yr old dirtbike rims that run as true as you want them to is about nil.
The only reason most of us did this is because at the time, there really was no option.
The availability of those new wheels is a huge benefit to new builders. I wouldn't pass it up.


rking.1688 Ryan K
Delaware, OH, USA   USA
Thanks for the responses. I think I'm going to go ahead and order some wheels through them. I think I might also eat the cost on springs. I don't think there is any other good source that I can find.

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