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Amilcar C6 Build

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dBlast Avatar
dBlast Vince De Blasi
Maple, ON, Canada   CAN
About 8 months ago while looking at various woodworking projects on Pinterest I stumbled upon these wonderful cyclekarts. After a couple of hours finding out everything i could about cyclekarts I was hooked and I was determined to build one

When I was a kid, my brothers and I found an old lawnmower and found that the engine still worked. I decided to build a go kart with angle iron from a bed frame cut with a hack saw, screwed together with holes drilled with a corded power drill. It had a plywood deck and a plywood platform that held the engine. it had pulleys with a twisted belt to go from the vertical shaft of the lawnmower engine to the horizontal jack shaft. It had a loose belt connected to the drive shaft with another pulley on a lever putting tension on the drive shaft making a manually operated rudimentary clutch. I was working on a better system of steering than the simple rope operated pivoting front axle when I ran out steam and ability with my limited tools. I always wanted to build a go kart and this cyclekart is the perfect project.

Being a competent woodworker I have built everything from pieces of furniture, to cabinetry, to a deck, an arbor, cedar shed, kids playground, etc. all designed and built from scratch, however, I have never built anything out of metal and I have never welded before. This should be exciting!!

Anyway, here is my inspiration car and preliminary sketch sized for a human with cyclekart proportions and my purchased parts:

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Amilcar C6 f.jpg    19.8 KB
Amilcar C6 f.jpg

Amilcar sketch 1.pdf    51.6 KB
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20170627_070719.jpg    63.8 KB
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dBlast Avatar
dBlast Vince De Blasi
Maple, ON, Canada   CAN
I liked my proportioned sketch with the low floor and nice tail section to match the inspiration car. However I have seen many tail ends become extended when they tried to fit the engine in there. However, recently I have seen some non usual engine/TAV/axle layouts that have given me hope for a compact engine alignment. I also have purchased the complete Vintage Kart Co front axle (remember my limited metal working skills from above) and I wanted to see how everything fits and lines up with the prefab axle. So I decided to build a mock up wooden frame for testing fit only. Don't be aghast all you metal workers!

I will do the final design when I figure out if everything will fit before committing to metal. I also have to clear my garage and run 220v for my welder to setup a metal shop before I start any metal fabrication. Sparks in my wood shop is not a good idea.

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20170711_194654.jpg    48 KB

20170711_194727.jpg    42.1 KB
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dBlast Avatar
dBlast Vince De Blasi
Maple, ON, Canada   CAN
Here is a vintage aluminum roasting pan that will become my front grill surround (Thanks for the idea John Corey!)

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20170711_195647.jpg    46.6 KB

dBlast Avatar
dBlast Vince De Blasi
Maple, ON, Canada   CAN
I did notice that the VKC front axle is pretty tall and that with a straight frame rail the spindle alxes are above frame rail by a few inches. If connecting the rear axle through the straight frame rail it would no line up with the front end. Which mean i may have to stack the rear frame rails similar to Dennis Thomas' BMW. It would then give me the low floor that I was looking for in my initial sketch.

I flipped the spindles with the small axles reversed and in a lower position lining up with the straight frame rails, however I have not seen this arrangement with the VKC axle so I am not sure if it will work.

20170711_194834.jpg    37 KB

20170711_195020.jpg    35.1 KB
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Smoky Avatar
Smoky Silver Member Don Schmok
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada   CAN
Wow, you are off to a great start!

1929 Riley Bitsa

SteveV Avatar
SteveV Steve Vinson
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
1924 Ford Model T "Viscount Vinson Special"
1927 CycleKart American "Mono Wasp"
Great job on you mock up.

The VKC axle and spindles are really well made parts....just be aware they don't have any "Caster" built into them, so the steering may wander all over the road.

To correct this lean the axle back a bit if you can a few degrees will make a world of difference. Or cut off the spindle mount (C shaped part) and weld them with a slight back angle.

Steve Vinson
Arizona CycleKart Club


LowellR Silver Member Lowell Roemke
Tempe, AZ, USA   USA
Your progress looks great! You may be able to get a bit of caster in you front axle by placing a tapered shim between the axle plate and the spring.

I've seen tapered shims used on IH Scout axles/springs like that.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2017-07-12 06:03 PM by LowellR.

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bobwilcox Avatar
bobwilcox Gold Member Bob Wilcox
Riverside, MO, USA   USA
1925 Ford Model T "Speedway Special"
1934 Austin America "Austin American Special"
I don't believe the front axle will function properly with shackles both fore and aft on the front springs. The axle may have a tendency to move both to the front and rear as they compress and rebound. By mounting the front higher and on a pivot the caster will increase slightly and the axle will remain in the proper location. I hope this helps.

dBlast Avatar
dBlast Vince De Blasi
Maple, ON, Canada   CAN
I wondered that about the VKC axle. When I had it on the bench, it was perfectly perpendicular so I figured that I would have to do something to get any caster out of it. I haven't mounted the wheels either so I could not check for if it had any positive camber either.

Bob, when I fabricate the frame in metal the rear shackles will be the operating ones and the fronts mounting shackles will be welded on the frame.

Thanks for the caster adjustment hints.


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DoinItWrong Avatar
DoinItWrong Anthony Gurganious
Oak Harbor, Washington (WA), USA   USA
1929 CycleKart Italian "Fiat Gipsy"
If you're a wood guy, why build the frame from box tubing? I've seen several cars with wood chassis perform very well. You can build a monocoque body to add rigidity if needed.

I love the inspiration car choice by the way.

There has to be at least $2k laying on that table before you even begin building the chassis and body. You'd save money and still have a fantastic car (probably a stronger car since you know your way around the material) if you went wood chassis and body.

My $.02.

El Diablo (Anthony Gurganious)
1/2 Owner
1/2 Builder
1/2 Driver
1929 Fiat Gipsy
Team Captain: Team Doin' It Wrong

Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Camber and Caster are important to these CK's!

Bitalli Vitaliy Koyy
Bathgate, West Lothian, UK   GBR
Hi Vince

Brilliant start of your build! There some great tips from the guys as well. T35 had a true axle as well and achieved positive caster by both tapered shims and a higher front mounts of the spring. I believe it was 6 degrees. It's more complicated with positive camber though.

Good luck with your build!

Kind regards Vitaliy

jameskilmer57 Avatar
jameskilmer57 Platinum Member James Kilmer
Ames, IA, USA   USA
That pan is a great idea. I've been trying to find something that would be a good shape to approximate a radiator cover and I think you've found a pretty good thing!

Delta, BC, Canada   CAN
I'm hoping to build one of these as well so I'm tagging along to this thread as well.

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dBlast Avatar
dBlast Vince De Blasi
Maple, ON, Canada   CAN
Not much progress here. I finally got 220 volts run to my garage so that I could start welding but then it got too cold to work.

So more mock up in my woodshop...I sorted out the engine and TAV arrangement.

I also took another picture of my inspiration car and chopped it up/cut and paste to cyclekart scale. I scaled the picture to match the Honda wheels, reduced the wheelbase to 66", enlarged the cockpit to accommodate a human, and also enlarged the tail section to accommodate the engine. The adjustments were minimal as you can see compared the original Amilcar pictured below.

20180204_151623.jpg    50 KB

20180204_152624.jpg    51.9 KB
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