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Peerless from N.T. on the way

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krash Alan Burgess
Tucson, USA   USA
I must have gotten bad intel from Peerless or something changed, that is not important BUT I did not cancel order with N.T. am glad I didn't.

I got busy with work and stuff around the home stead, but long and short is tonight I get and email letting me know that the Dif I ordered 30-45 days ago is on it's way. At $90 and shipping it was hard to pass up….

soooo the collecting or parts has begun , along with source out the raw materials and ideas going onto paper… I have a car I need to restore but 'this kart thing' seems like fun where working on cars just seems like WORK and BIG bills. Now more with blown motor and grand plans ---

Can't wait ti get closer to the goal…having fun , and getting the kids into it too….

So any one looking for a Dif might want to contact them NOW and get theirs while they are still selling at this price??

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Delta, BC, Canada   CAN
Mine is on back order as well for $89. I have not been contacted yet but I expect it soon. Good deal.

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krash Alan Burgess
Tucson, USA   USA
It's here !

Long heavy box got here a couple days ago…glad I do not cancel my order.
I was worried it was a no show, and for that price maybe never again?

wow that thing is heavy.

Found sprockets and disc at Stanton - good deals- ]

Found a 'clone' for $170 plus shipping - with electric start…I hate pull starts, my shoulder just would not allow for that type of abuse any more...

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Woodysrods Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Shipping weight lots at 12 lbs.
Mine weighed in at 11.5 lbs.
That is not heavy?????

gearguy Charles Schultz
Oil City, PA, USA   USA
Considering a 1" dia. x 39" axle weighs 8.7 pounds the "penalty" for having a diff is not too severe. Yes, I know some feel the need for another set of pillow blocks but who thinks it would be better to reduce the driver payload by 10 pounds instead of living with one wheel drive?

krash Alan Burgess
Tucson, USA   USA
I know that I can stand to loose 10 maybe 20 Lbs. -

I have seen a few other drivers that need to loose way more than that though to make up for a two wheel driving's worth the hits for the weight and now it's time begin to eat my veggies and stop eating fried foods and sweet drinks for a few months see how that works out-

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