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Seat belts. What are your thoughts?

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CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Dave D
Federal Way, WA, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
That's a good catch, Carlos.
I didn't see that the first time I watched. Holes full of soft sand no less!
You had no chance getting through those sideways Bow.

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Bow Avatar
Bow Reverend Bow
Yuma, AZ, USA   USA
1929 Morgan 3 Wheeler "BME RIP Special"
In reply to # 33281 by Carlos Carneiro Hey Bow, always very happy to see someone come out ok from a flip.
It appears you escaped without even road rash, you are very lucky!!
I reviewed your video and I believe the cause of the flip was the surface.
You slid sideways directly into two holes on the ground, perfectly spaced to catch both left wheels and flip the kart.
If the surface was just flat on that spot, the kart would have just slid the tail around.
Very lucky the kart was not damaged more than it was too.
You may have just used your entire cyclekart luck allowance for the year.
Wear protective clothing, gloves, and a full face helmet, always, is what I recommend. thumbs up thumbs up

I believe you are 100% correct Carlos.

I had the full face helmet on, but I will say, short sleeve shirt and no gloves....

I walked by the scene of the incident tonight. 6 feet from my launch point to the landing... and a complete roll in the air...

I will start wearing my gloves and a long sleeve shirt... I did rash my right elbow pretty good... besides that, just sore today.

Thinking about how to pad the cross bar under the dashboard....


Cut it with and Axe, Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match

Carlos Carneiro Avatar
2015 CycleKart American "2015 VKC Italiano"
Between the Scottsdale GP and the AZ Cyclekart club meets & races, we have seen plenty of cyclekart crashes here in Arizona.
There are no official statistics, but from what I observe:

Cyclekart frontal crashes seem to rarely result in serious injury.
That's because speed, angle of impact, and rigidity of impacted object are huge variables that determine if any injury will occur, and it's severity.
Most serious frontal impact I've heard about in cyclekarting was Dennis Thomas'. His steering wheel came off and the kart veered head on into a metal pole somewhere in the 20s mph range.
It resulted in a severe hand laceration, but that was not a life threatening injury.
And I believe that was over 2 years ago? There has not been a frontal impact anywhere near that serious since, that I know of.

Cyclekart rollovers on the other hand, almost always result in serious injury, regardless of speed.
A rollover has no significant variable as the sheer weight of any cyclekart + roll momentum is enough to crush or break bones, at any speed.
Just in the last year there were at least 5 flips that I know of here in AZ. All of them happened at 25mph or less. 4 were single kart accidents, the 5th might have been too, but Im not sure.
Two resulted in life theatening injuries (multiple cracked ribs, punctured internal organs with internal bleeding), a 3rd was beat up pretty badly and smashed his face (open face helmet...), a 4th had a broken finger and scratches, and 1 was lucky: walked away with minor bruising and scrapes.

Plus, there is this to consider:
A frontal crash may continue into a rollover before the kart comes to a stop, while a rollover is not likely to continue into a frontal crash.

Therefore, I believe the rollover/flip should be the #1 concern in cyclekarting.

So to address Dave D's initial post, my opinion would be against installing belts in his F2.
Belts may help in a frontal impact, but would be a sure detriment in case of a flip in a car with no rollover protection.
The head and neck would become direct impact points.

If I was a builder or owned the kart I drive, it would have been built with (or modified to have) adequate rollover protection and 5pt belts a long time ago.

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CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Dave D
Federal Way, WA, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
Well Carlos, I can't argue with real world analysis of the type you've presented here.
Other than Dennis' pole impact, I can only point to one other accident that occurred up here in Washington.
In that case, it was a tie-rod failure that caused the kart to veer into a concrete barrier. The speed was low, so the injury minor, but It has caused me to consider the speed at which we often flash by immovable objects.

In the rollovers you are familiar with, what part would you say, did partial ejections play in causing the serious injuries?

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