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tuuur Avatar
tuuur Arthur K
HENGELO OV, Netherlands   NLD
1962 Peugeot 402 "403B"
1999 Peugeot 402 "306 Convertible"
Hi, Arthur here. I am from the Netherlands and joined to see Rene W.'s build thread.
I really want to create a 1920's Peugeot style cycle kart but am afraid I lack all the knowledge needed; plus, there is no real cycle kart scene in the Netherlands.

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MalibuMan Cas Tuyn
Weert, Limburg, Netherlands   NLD

There may be more dutch people on the forum than you think, I am from Weert. Every year there is a french CK event.

Technically cyclekarts built to the formula are not that dificult, Although some of us are making it harder on ourselves by adding other features like rear suspension or going street-legal.

chrisenamels Avatar
chrisenamels Silver Member Chris Brown
Llangadog, Carmarthenshire, UK   GBR

Welcome to the forum, there are a few active builders in the Netherlands like René . If you click on "My Account" at the top left under the header, one of the options is "Member Map", it'll give you an idea of the members in the Netherlands. There's a wealth of information on the forum, from the simplest of builds on, it's possible to build with very limited facilities, knowledge can be gained. The cyclekart scene in the UK is very limited, but there are a number of karts in the process of being built, and that's the way things will grow.


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Huntington, IN, USA   USA
Hello All!
My name is Ben, I am in Indiana, USA, and super interested in building a CycleKart! I am just now starting the process of falling down the rabbit hole, and look forward to reading through as much of the content on here as possible. Cheers!

Albeix Avatar
Albeix Al Beix E
Kaslo, BC, Canada   CAN
Hi Ben and welcome to the madness

jj2k John Jobe
Alvarado, TX, USA   USA
Howdy y'all
jj2k - John J
From north central Texas here.
I am a blacksmith, welder by trade. I have a CNC plasma table and a CNC router table and love to build stuff like go carts, minibikes, motorized bikes and such.
Cycle Karts and Horseless Carriage Replicas are right up my alley.
Hope to learn, Hope to share what I learn. Ready to jump in with both feet.

carChips Avatar
carChips Victor Harnish
Kelowna, BC, Canada   CAN
1933 MG Magnette
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Chip"
1989 GMC Sierra 1500 "Bush Truck"
Welcome John, you sound like you'll really fit in here. There's a couple of sticky threads at the top of this page to check out, i.e. inspiration photos and parts list.

S'all for now!

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Mr. Pickles Greg Phillips
Nevada, OH, USA   USA
Hello everyone, My name is Greg. I'm 70 and retired. I live in the country outside Nevada Ohio. I was inspired to try and build a cyclekart by all the great information on this web site and watching youtube videos. I've been gathering basic parts to start a build. Still haven't quite decided on the model yet. My biggest problem is finding the CT90 wheels. If anyone knows of a good source where these could be found or a good replacement, I would greatly appreciate the info.

tbrennan29 Thomas Brennan
Seaford, DE, USA   USA
Welcome Greg
My name is Tom and I wanted to welcome you and also let you know that I have 5 wheels and two hubs and 4 new tires for sale along with a new differential. I had just started to collect all I needed when my health decided against it.Id like to sell it all at once. Price would be $650 plus shipping

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Mr. Pickles Greg Phillips
Nevada, OH, USA   USA
Hi Tom, sorry to hear that your having health problems. I hope things will get better for you. Would it be possible for you to post some photos of what you have for sale ?

Star City, IN, USA   USA
Hello everyone, my name is Tim Keierleber and I just joined the forum today. My grandfather was a ride along mechanic in the Indianapolis 500 so my cyclekart build will be a replica of the car he rode in. I currently live near Star City Indiana and I am willing to form a cyclekart club.

1908Rick Avatar
1908Rick Rick Eggers
Cape Coral, FL, USA   USA
Welcome, Tim.

It's fascinating that your grandfather was a riding mechanic in the big race. What year or years did he do that, and what car was it?


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Star City, IN, USA   USA
My grandfather was in the indy 500 twice in the mid to late 30's unfortunately I can't remember the exact years, I'm actively doing research on his indy 500 career. Tim

stephw Steph W
San Jose, USA   USA
Hey there guys, Stephen checking in from Cali. I have family that are cyclekart hobbyists, and so that's how I got caught up in it lol. I've attended events but no builds yet, but actively looking to start, hopefully soon!

It's worth mentioning I also work at a shipping company in the US. We get a variety of vehicles, some of which I find unique and interesting to share, like this Bugatti 35 replica that we had come in recently. I'll post more as they come along smiling smiley

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DomMambrillos Avatar
DomMambrillos João Faria
Miguel Pereira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   BRA
Hi guys! I'm from Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. My dream is to built a Cyclekart but here in Brasil we don't have the CK culture. In fact few people know this art here and this becomes a difficulty. I hope to have some help here!

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