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down hill go karts?

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Denny Graham Silver Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
80 mph!!!!!!

And we worry about hitting speeds over 45.

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moto-klasika Avatar
moto-klasika Zoran R. Pualic
Bern, Bern, Switzerland   CHE
" ... And we worry about hitting speeds over 45 ... "

Just maybe, with a reason?
But that shall know better - real cyclekartistes and not me and you?

If we read some of text bellow short-film (repeated in film, too), than we should worrry:

"The most fun is usually had on the outskirts of sanity, somewhere between brilliance and mayhem."
"Daredevils whose ages range from their 20’s to 60’s" - too young for most of us, incluidng both you and me!
"And it’s really not fun. It’s terrifying."
“I’m not going to recover from that.”

"Fred made contact with another car, then hit a tree… going from 60 to a dead stop… in under one second...'Shattered my tibia, fibia [fibula] and lower knee'.” - for younger guys - unpleasnt accident, with light nightmares after, but later a mater for laugh? for serious seniors - tragedy!
"I found all the cars have a 5 point harness and roll bars… even arm restraints are recommended." - meanign they are lunatics, but not stupid?
"... because their online forums are called the Asylum!"
"... considering the car I used has previously been crashed more times than my computer

However, at the end they have this great sentence: "Despite the competitive nature, it’s all about a good time – something this group has perfected."


P.S.: Denny, I know that you were joking, the same as I am doing now... Otherwise I shouldn't comment at all. In serious discusuion, I would had advice for anybody interested in such sport: join such a club, or form one own, building karts like they use to build...

P.P.S.: If I have such a wife as one guy has - I would put her asleap! Or shouldn't sleep in the same house as she does...
("His wife has actually bumped into him, forcing him off the road - more than once… ")

Zoran R. Pualić
(mostly living in Bern, Swiss & happy in my Belgrade, Serbia)

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