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Daibach David Spencer
Simi Valley, CA, USA   USA
I am an 81 year old teenager who is in the build process, loving it !!
I found out from the maker of my pacemaker I need to be 20" from the engine !!
Just had to do a little redesign.
Mainly wanted anyone with a pacemaker to be aware. Also watch out for the tig welder.
Keep on karting.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2017-07-11 08:24 AM by Daibach.

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Denny Graham Silver Member Dennis Graham
Sandwich, IL, USA   USA
1950 Chevrolet 3600 "Old Blue"
1954 Chevrolet 3600
Hey David, have you thought about taking up golf for a hobby????????

Just kiddin', I'm just 5 years your junior, keep on karting, just find a
local welder to do the dirty work for ya and.........put a lead shield
between yourself and the Predator!!!!!

Denny Graham
Sandwich, IL.

Neto Ernest B
Berlin, OH, USA   USA
My father-in-law (96 next month) has had a pace maker for some years already, and they had told him no welding. But he still uses the mower (zero-turn), so I wonder now if he is not supposed to be doing that.

But I also automatically thought of the same thing Denny mentioned - if a thin lead sheet behind your seat would adequately protect you from the engine 'interference'. (I assume it is the spark generator that is the problem.)

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moto-klasika Avatar
moto-klasika Zoran R. Pualic
Bern, Bern, Switzerland   CHE
Hello Ernest,
It is magnificent experience in life to have 96 and still work in garden mowing grass - even without weak hart and pacemaker!
--- ---
For protection - I think that simple steel plate (oval a little to cover sides of chest), or even steel net - should be enough, making some kind of partial Faraday's cage? My memory from elementary school physique lessons - but should be check!


Zoran R. Pualić
(mostly living in Bern, Swiss & happy in my Belgrade, Serbia)

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