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120 mph in a 7hp cyclekart.. can it be done again.?

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Speeddemon Avatar
Speeddemon Louis Poleet (Suspended)
Roslindale, MA, USA   USA
1970 CycleKart Custom "Rose"
Hi all..Apparently this guy captain George eyston did it back in the day. Will racing history repeat it's self .?. cheers

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med_seven_hp_racer.jpg    77.4 KB

Racerflash Avatar
Racerflash Bob Gordon
New Orleans, Louisians, USA   USA
And without a real helmet too! Crazy!

moto-klasika Avatar
moto-klasika Zoran R. Pualic
Bern, Bern, Switzerland   CHE
... not because of person that posted this information, but for all other, that could be led to misunderstanding: SEVEN HORSEPOWER are fiscal HP, not BHP, or "real horse-power" that should be around 50 HP or more...
That was highly developed and sophisticated record-braking automobile, without too much connection to standard cars, maybe Austin-7 or something else in that category - and, especially it wasn't cyclecar and for sure not over-developed CycleKart.


P.S.: It looks to me that it could be MG?
Probably from the late thirties?

Zoran R. Pualić
(mostly living in Bern, Swiss & happy in my Belgrade, Serbia)

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Maigret Luc L
Senlisse, Yvelines, France   FRA
Yes : MG
Not really a bunch of amateurs.

chrisenamels Avatar
chrisenamels Silver Member Chris Brown
Llangadog, Carmarthenshire, UK   GBR
Didn't really study it initially, but yes it's probably 7Hp calculated on the formula used for vehicle tax in the UK at that time, which bears no relation to the actual Hp output of the engine.


greggkishline Gregg Kishline
Kenosha, WI, USA   USA
This is a crazy and dangerous idea. It should not be taken up by amateur builders, for a long list of reasons. I discourage anyone from actually proceeding beyond the concept stage.

That said, Anybody can go fast with a big motor ... but running fast with a small motor (and returning alive) is a greater challenge, in my book. There are multiple sanctioning groups for LSR vehicles - (SCTA, Bonnevile Nationals Inc.) Very small displacement classes - 100 cc up to one liter - seem to have the most opportunity.

Open wheel cars (lakesters) and full-bodied streamliners are allowed. A thorough read of their rules is enlightening. Target speed then was in the 130 mph range.

I sketched out a laydown lakester 10 yrs ago, designed to take several different small engines, and run in multiple classes. The spoked Honda wheels seemed about right. Weight is not your enemy on the salt, but air drag IS ... so the whole approach to car design is different than a cyclekart. Punching the smallest hole in the air, with the least rolling friction, made the most sense, with perhaps using aerodynamics for directional control (meaning, a rudder). It quickly becomes an exercise in research and efficiency of design.

Anyhow, here's the sketch I saved ... (Do NOT try this at home)

Bonneville lakester, small displacement.jpg    28.3 KB
Bonneville lakester, small displacement.jpg

rocket ralphie Avatar
rocket ralphie ralph zbarsky
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
Looks like me in there Gregg, but a bit paunchy....... more grease.....

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Dave 46 Robert Davison
Toppenish, WA, USA   USA
I haven't been to Bonneville in 20 years but the last time I went there were some serious small displacement land speed rigs that could qualify as karts in most respects. Ideally you figure out what you can come up with to fit and run in a class where you hopefully can be competitive and some of the small displacement streamliner or lakester classes offer a better chance than the classes where you might find a 327 or 350 Chevy based engine in. That is the great thing about racing there, you are running against a record for the class and engine size you have and you might be running on an 80 mph record or you might be running on a 416 mph record depending on what you build.

platypus-oz Avatar
platypus-oz stewart s
nowra, nsw, Australia   AUS
It could be easily done. Human powered vehicles are up there. Aerovelo Eta bike, set a new speed record for a human-powered vehicle: 144.17 km/h (89.59 mph). thats with 200 watts of power or 1/4 hp. So with say 16 times the power it could be done thats 3 hp the size of a standard lawn mower motor. I think the world mileage eco car with different gearing and a slightly bigger engine could do it.

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BullyDawg Avatar
BullyDawg BullyDawg Laxton
Toronto, ON, Canada   CAN
Have done over 140 in a sliver used a small bellytank from an airplane .

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