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Alternate power units but keeping in the CK spirit

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CmdBentaxle Avatar
CmdBentaxle Dave D
Federal Way, WA, USA   USA
1950 CycleKart Italian "1950 Ferrari 166 F2"
I shouldn't encourage this, but here you go.
What are those anyway, Westbends?

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Neto Ernest B
Berlin, OH, USA   USA
In reply to # 26563 by Bananas Foster I believe that's correct. Possibly only to recharge the battery/ loading the engine. I haven't studied the videos yet, just saw your post and figured I'd pass it on

I'm not the original poster, but find this really intriguing.

In the second video I watched, they seemed to be really preoccupied with the temps, like maybe they already knew that the air cooling setup was deficient. But it is still interesting to me, because I think I recall having seen a video or post about a scale version of the MoPar L-Head 6 someplace. (Probably on the P15-D25 forum. That is the flat-head in-line 6 they used from '37 to '59, and continued to manufacture for industrial use afterwards, maybe until the early 70's or so.) Anyway, I love the sound of the old flat-head sixes.

topevo Avatar
topevo Juergen M
Versmold, NRW, Germany   DEU
Fail from me!

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.

46. AvD-OLDTIMER-GRAND-PRIX - August 10. to 12 2018

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Woodysrods Silver Member Brian Woods
Westbank B.C., Canada   CAN
Oh Dave..........where do you come up with this stuff????

Bow Avatar
Bow Reverend Bow
Yuma, AZ, USA   USA
1929 Morgan 3 Wheeler "BME RIP Special"
In reply to # 26561 by Neto
In reply to # 26560 by Bananas Foster . Immediately made me remember this, it's a hugely multipart series 20+ videos, but here's one in operation. It cam be done ...... and just listen to that puppy

I watched the video, and then another of theirs. But like some of the commenters said, it would have been nice to see the crank. And what was it connected to? (The belt going down under the mounting surface. A generator?)

He mentions in the videos that if you understand the basics of engines, you could figure the Crankshaft out...

I applaud him for not giving everything away.... Best way to stay original.

That is an incredibly cool build and it looks like a factory job, like an old Henderson 4 Cylinder


Cut it with and Axe, Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match

Bow Avatar
Bow Reverend Bow
Yuma, AZ, USA   USA
1929 Morgan 3 Wheeler "BME RIP Special"
In reply to # 26528 by bobzdar I've been throwing around ideas for my cyclekart for a couple of years now and one thing has always bogged me down a bit - these cars are art-like in execution with most everything...except for the engine. There's good reason for that, I know, but I have always been attracted to less common and more 'exotic' engines in vehicles (like v4 motorcycles, flat plane 8's, v12's and v16's, BRM H-16 etc.), so I've been thinking about how to bring that to a cyclekart build without making deviating too far from the formula. What that's led me to is one of two paths: an electric drivetrain, which seems wrongly modern, or a multi cylindered unit made up of small single cylinder motors. This led me to the Honda GXH50 49cc 4 stroke 2hp engine. It's compact, light, industrial in nature and fairly cheap used and revs to 7500rpm (peak power at 7000rpm). I'm thinking of trying to put 4 of these together for around 7-8hp (after losses in connecting them), which would put it on-par with a normal gx200 in both displacement and power, but in a much more interesting and fun package. Attached is a (very) rough drawing - a chain driven main 'crank' that delivers the power with 4 sprockets to take input from each motor in either an inline or V(H?) format. You'd have to clock each motor properly for even firing, but that should be fairly simple and sound wicked at 7000rpm. H setup is a lot more compact but inline is much easier for exhaust and throttle linkage. Any thoughts? Good idea? Stupid complicated and expensive? Against the spirit?

Do it!

Look at the Multi-Engine Chain Drive Hill Climb Specials in England...

Those were Cyclecars...

Your are building a Cyclekart, smaller scale, smaller engines...

I agree with Rhys, This is the Custom Forum... Go For It


Cut it with and Axe, Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match

Bananas Foster Jake Yuenger
Colorado Springs, COLORADO (CO), USA   USA
I would have to agree. The proof is there, that it CAN be done, it's up to you to figure precisely how. What's the fun in having the whole recipe in front of you?

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moto-klasika Avatar
moto-klasika Zoran R. Pualic
Bern, Bern, Switzerland   CHE
Hello, there!
Of course that it is possible - that was tried and often finished with success from the early period of motorisation (automobiles or motorcycles, but boats and aeroplanes too). Anyway, all engines from the early days of motorisation - started as single-cylinder and later got brothers and sisters to become multi-cylinders (except Daimler - it had 2 cylinders from start?).

Combination of a few smaller engines to get a bigger one - must be more complicated and often more expensive way than to go and buy one big, well-proven and practical. However, sometimes it couldn't be found what we really need (better-said want), so many amateurs and professionals made and still make such combinations.

Sometimes, they are simply connected small engines (as Rev. Bow said - English specials) and sometimes are made bigger engines of the main components of smaller: a pair or more of a single cylinder, or two-cylinder or four-cylinder, even six, eight and twelve. Voisin made one extremely long engine connecting two straight-8 engines, but just as a prototype... Therefore, if you want to do it, have experience and knowledge, workshop and money - why not?

For my taste, technically and aesthetically it would look better if you constructed as a monobloc, even with separately visible cylinders - than as four engine connected in some way. Meaning: fixed blocks of small four ( to look as one big block), all of them keeping their own crankshaft, camshaft and valve mechanism, but with engines connected by chain/sprocket combination, or pulley/toothed belt combination or by gears - to simple straight propeller shaft "hidden" beside or under new engine and covered by formed plates to look as a part of engine block (crankshaft). Constructing own crankshaft could be a problem? As I know, the smallest four-cylinder engine was from FIAT 500 Topolino - 500cc, but using its crankshaft could bring more problems than benefits?

The cylinders could stay "naked", as in many old engines from the beginning of motorisation, no matter if water-cooled or air-cooled, or to be covered with some plates that would improve cooling and add to esthetic? (as on shown video).

Of course, all written is mentioned before in this topic, more-or-less in the same way, but I would like to expose my old ideas, more dreams than plans. I will follow your project with great interest, joy and amusement! Would your finished racer be a Cyclekart? Probably not, but you shall have great time designing, constructing and driving it. maybe it could be accepted as a pace car for official races?


Zoran R. Pualić
(mostly living in Bern, Swiss & happy in my Belgrade, Serbia)

Danamac David McKeever
A few years ago, I was going to motorize a bicycle and I considered a 2 stroke generator powering an AC electric motor. Lots of torque, speed and with a flip of a switch you could go 40 mph in reverse.

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Speeddemon Avatar
Speeddemon Louis Poleet (Suspended)
Roslindale, MA, USA   USA
1970 CycleKart Custom "Rose"
I say Go for it .! .make your alternative ck power plant dreams come a reality. Cheers

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Carty McCartFace Robert J
Fresno, CA, USA   USA
Ummm... this is probably the best idea ever. smiling smiley

I think this engine(s?) will sound AWESOME! I think a vee or opposed type arrangement would be great, and would look cool in a “kart”.

I hope you make this work, because I am in awe.


TheGIantTribble Avatar
Chelmsford, Essex, UK   GBR
Well that's impressive but I like straight sixers

And what could be better than a about 8!

scott.trosper Avatar
scott.trosper Scott Trosper
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK), USA   USA
What if you did not time the engines but used a clutch/ratchet on each similar to a 10 speed bicycle.
Remember hearing the the rear wheel click as you coasted.
As the fastest running motor loaded up and slowed down the other engines would catch up and
engage there clutch/ratchet and pull together.

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