Registry: 1930 CycleKart Speedway Racer

Tom Ruth's Gold Member 1930 CycleKart Speedway Racer – “The Perfect Circle Special”
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“The Perfect Circle Special”

Vehicle Information

Owner: Tom Ruth Gold Member   [ruth and son]
Location: El Paso, TX, USA USA
Status: Running

Model Year:1930
Current Colour:Turquoise/ Cream
Last Updated:2014-05-18 22:30:22


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Member Comments on Registry: 1930 CycleKart Speedway Racer   ↵
Rated 9.7 out of 10 based on 42 ratings
2013-08-19 04:57:12 # 11439
Comment by David Lake
Rating: 9/10
Welcome to the Cyclekart club. Wow what a nicely built and presented Cyclekart.
Hope to see more of this build.
2013-09-18 00:52:45 # 11942
Comment by Skye Nott
Rating: 10/10
Wow nice!!
2013-10-14 08:10:24 # 12307
Comment by Larry Liberto
Rating: 10/10
2014-02-02 00:39:20 # 13938
Comment by earl upgrade
Tom, the blueing on your exhaust pipe is insanely cool, as is the rest of your car.
2014-04-16 06:49:09 # 15633
Comment by Jim Donovan
Very nice job to say the least. Lots of love went into building that cycle kart.
2014-05-18 21:44:29 # 17189
Comment by Don Minch
I am awed and impressed. I looked at the pics a long time. You had to have worked some long hours on it.
2014-05-18 22:35:59 # 17190
Comment by Tom Ruth
Thank you so much for the kind comments folks! It was such a great father/son project for us to work on together. I'm sure we'll both cherish the memories for the rest of our lives and I really hope we get the opportunity to build our second CycleKart soon! I thought I would add some more photos of the kart for your enjoyment.
2014-05-28 13:57:28 # 17441
Comment by Paul Bennett
Rating: 10/10
I love your build - great job!
2014-06-07 14:50:39 # 17695
Comment by Larry MacPherson
An beautiful car with excellent proportions, implementations, and innovation.
2014-06-15 12:37:55 # 17915
Comment by Brian C
Rating: 9/10
One of my favorites, It just looks Right!
2014-08-02 21:52:37 # 19458
I love this car, very nice job. I am impressed.
2014-08-02 22:16:13 # 19459
Comment by ian w
Rating: 10/10
beautiful little car my favourite by far ...but i am biased being a vintage speedway nut
2014-09-30 23:42:35 # 20687
Comment by Carl B
Rating: 10/10
Masterfully done, looks like tons of fun to drive!
2015-03-01 14:35:21 # 24344
Very very beautiful!!!!!
2015-09-19 09:31:44 # 29194
Comment by Brian Sweet
Awesome job
2015-09-26 10:17:44 # 29414
Comment by A Freeman
Rating: 10/10
This may very well be the most stunning Cyclekart on the forum. The paint and body are perfect and the kart its self embodies everything that a Cyclekart is.
2016-02-18 23:11:02 # 32245
Comment by Dennis Graham
Rating: 10/10
Beautiful work Tom. It's obvious that's the creation born from the hands of a true professional builder. I ran midgets and sprints and followed the Indy cars until they started sitting in front of the engines. Your's takes me back to those days.I'd love to hear more details about the build and to see more pictures if you have an album online.Thanks, Denny GrahamSandwich, IL
2016-02-20 14:41:47 # 32276
Comment by Tom Ruth
Dennis Graham- Thanks for the kind words my friend. It is always nice to hear from a fellow American open wheel enthusiast like yourself. I once heard a guy from the HAMB forum (as best I recall) state that he liked any kind of race car that had "Special" in the name- sounds like you might be that sort of guy. I always marvel at the early days of that racing: with leather helmets, no power steering and NO cages. Not too many of those guys lived to be old men, but there were a few of them. My mom was from the same town that Tommy Hinnerschitz was from, and I think he lived into his 90's! Not sure if you've ever even heard of him though. I never made a build journal on the Perfect Circle Special, but if you dig deep enough on these forums there are almost all of the photos that I took at the time. I failed to document the build all that well.
2016-02-20 16:05:30 # 32279
Comment by Jim Hiland
Tom, this car is stunning. As a old man who was once a little kid growing up in Indy it sure brings back memories. Harry Miller was my Dad's personal hero, talked about him all of the time. Yup, this is what I have in mind, maybe with a Frank Kurtis look, but you and your son have set the bar of craftsmanship very high. Wow!
2016-02-20 19:51:20 # 32287
Comment by Dennis Graham
Didn't recognize Tommy's name. I'm 73 so it was probably before my time. I was glued to the radio on race day all thru the 50's and early 60's. Eddie Sacs was my hero, met him at school when he was speaking to the students on safety. I was crushed when he bought the farm. Yep, there is something special about a special. Taint the same with the factories building and running all of the cars now days. That's one of the things I'm afraid is gonna happen to the cyclekarts if the factories get involved. It's already starting with Vintage Karts out in AZ. Gonna have to spend a lot of money to keep up with one of those $10, 000 karts.Take care, and I'm traveling full speed trying to catch up with some of you guys that have been in the hobby from the beginning, but I'll try to find so of your old posting.dg
2016-07-07 14:03:06 # 35618
Comment by Tim M
Rating: 10/10
Fantastic job!
2017-07-06 18:13:23 # 43359
Comment by Rick Eggers
Looks great. I'm soon starting a 1935 Miller-Ford Indy car cycle kart. I'd like to see more detail of yours with details on how you did some things, like form the cowl.

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2014-05-18 22:30:22

Changes from 2014-03-08 17:16:55 to previous 2013-09-07 23:56:20
Nickname added   The Perfect Circle Special

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Aug 11, 2013 Tom Ruth  USAGold Member Added to Registry (ID 20882)

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