Registry: 1930 CycleKart Race Car

Alan P's 1930 CycleKart Race Car – “Fire Chief Special”
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“Fire Chief Special”
Kart in the works, boat tail, grill shell and interior all in the future. Leaning toward the traditional spoke wheels, still pondering on that one.

Vehicle Information

Owner: Alan P   [Motor Head]
Location: Orangeville, IL, USA USA
Status: Running

Model Year:1930
Build Date:2015-05-01
Original Colour:#7762 Sunrise Red
Current Colour:Sunrise Red
Body Code:Timber and tin
Engine Type:212 cc 1 cylinder Predator
Engine Code:Mellow
Transmission:TAV 2 torque converter
Last Updated:2016-06-15 15:31:00


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Member Comments on Registry: 1930 CycleKart Race Car   ↵
Rated 9.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
2015-05-10 08:45:33 # 25926
Comment by Edgar Bertazzoni
Wow, this build turned out great! You pulled off the dirt track look really well.
2015-05-11 15:53:25 # 25958
Comment by Cas Tuyn
Love your wheels. Can you give more details about the rims and tires? Looks like you have car tires instead of motorbike tires. I am also investigating car tires and light rims for my build.
2015-05-11 16:04:20 # 25959
Comment by Mike Poinsett
Thanks Cas, the rear wheels are 4:80x12 trailer wheels that I picked up at our local Rural King store for $54 each. They have a 4 on 4 bolt pattern and they fit the Azusa ATV rear hugs perfectly. The front wheels are 3:50x10 and are from Azusa. They have 5/8 inch i.d. bearings and they fit the Azusa spindles. l bought them at Small Engine Warehouse for around $25 each. I wanted these type wheels to replicate the look of an early '30's midget race car.
2015-05-15 11:23:50 # 26026
Comment by Dennis Backstrom
Buddy, I love your car. The tire / wheel scale looks awesomeI'm a big fan of midgets. Very nice
2015-05-15 20:01:54 # 26031
Comment by Mike Poinsett
Thanks, Dennis. I just returned from an antique motorbike show (I play with those too) where I also took the cycle kart. I drove it around the fairgrounds for 2 days and I have never owned anything that drew that much attention. I talked with dozens of guys that now want to build their own kart! Is that cool or what?
2015-06-10 18:34:33 # 26644
Comment by Zoran R. P.
Rating: 10/10
Mike, you prooved that small fat wheels could look good on standard CycleKart if they are in a style of choosed original! Excellent concept and realisation. Zoran
2015-09-26 10:19:46 # 29415
Comment by A Freeman
Rating: 8/10
I don't care that this thing has trailer tires. It is awesome! I love it and want to see it in action against other cyclekarts.
2016-01-13 20:16:33 # 31519
Comment by Roland Young
A great look and I've also been looking into trailer wheels.
2016-02-20 15:58:40 # 32278
Comment by Jim Hiland
Remember seeing cars that looked just like this in Pop Dryer's shop on W. Washington St. in Indy, hanging out there with my Dad, when I was four years old. Beautiful job!
2016-03-27 17:15:07 # 33330
Comment by Tom Knight
what can you tell us about those nice wheel sets ?
2016-03-28 06:21:36 # 33352
Comment by Mike Poinsett
The rear wheels are Rural King 4.80x12 trailer wheels. The front wheels are from Azusa and they are 3.50x10.
2016-06-15 18:30:55 # 35180
Love it! Now we need an action shot of you sideways on dirt with a rooster tail behind you!
2016-06-15 18:32:45 # 35181
Love it! Now we need an action shot of you sideways on dirt with a rooster tail behind you!
2016-07-05 13:07:40 # 35583
Comment by Tim M
Looks fantastic. How's it drive?

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2016-06-15 15:31:00

Changes from 2016-06-15 15:31:00 to previous 2016-06-15 15:27:31
Nickname Chief → Fire Chief Special
Changes from 2016-06-15 15:27:31 to previous 2015-06-13 06:25:50
Body Code Splinters → Timber and tin
Engine Code Noisy → Mellow
Colour Primer → Sunrise Red
Nickname Midget → Chief

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Jun 15, 2016 Alan P  USA Owner Transfer
Feb 1, 2015 Mike Poinsett  USA Added to Registry (ID 29195)

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