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1924 CycleKart Replica
Registry new comment or rating
19 posts
Latest post by moto-klasika
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Petar Babic
New member from Pozarevac, Branicevski okrug, Serbia   SRB
Peter G
New member from Gansbaai, South Africa   ZAF
23 posts
Latest post by carChips
Ed's B.C. Farm
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, 1d 1h 38m 45s ago
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Test Post....
Journal new comment on andrew roudny's Journal   CAN
1927 CycleKart French "Sam"
Registry updated by John Corey   Silver Member
6 posts
Latest post by Dave 46
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New member from ABBECOURT, Picardie, France   FRA
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1970 CycleKart American "Yamaha"
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85 posts
Latest post by Woodysrods
Otis Automotis
Reply in the Custom Karts Forum, 1d 23h 31m 18s ago
125 posts
Latest post by 1908Rick
139 posts
Latest post by roadster1
finally joining the fun
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, 2d 3h 41m 57s ago
7 posts
Latest post by RROLDSX
From Facebook
Reply in the The Pub - Off Topic Forum, 2d 5h 28m 21s ago
22 posts
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Last Piece Of Skin.
Journal post updated in Rick Eggers's Journal   USA
790 posts
Latest post by Mr. Pickles
1931 CycleKart Italian
Registry new comment or rating
3 posts
Latest post by roadster1
52 posts
Latest post by fly44
Re: Tieton 2018!
Reply in the CycleKart Events Forum, 3d 1h 37m 15s ago
131 posts
Latest post by Notso-Chinsee
Midget racer/ 27 Track Roadster
Reply in the Custom Karts Forum, 3d 3h 57m 57s ago
12 posts
Latest post by 0203
Kit [NSW, AUS]
Reply in the Buy, Sell & Trade Forum, 3d 6h 3m 53s ago
"Jorge Garcia"
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Jorge Garcia
New member from Rocafort, Valencia, Spain   ESP
106 posts
Latest post by Carty McCartFace
Pedal Car
Reply in the Custom Karts Forum, 3d 12h 24m 38s ago
152 posts
Latest post by PDXBryan
22 posts
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14 posts
Latest post by Scubajed
5 posts
Latest post by moto-klasika
Reply in the CycleKart Events Forum, 4d 6h 33m 42s ago
18 posts
Latest post by Little French
My Italiano with French sauce
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, 4d 10h 30m 39s ago
600 posts
Latest post by andrewroudny
The w154 "Vulture" build project
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, 4d 16h 35m 37s ago
64 posts
Latest post by moto-klasika
2 posts
Latest post by Smoky
Check out My Hood Ornament
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, 5d 9h 56m 15s ago
New topic by smallboregarage
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Group photo
New topic in the The Pub - Off Topic Forum, 5d 9h 59m 2s ago
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Latest post by topevo
Nice posters.
Reply in the The Pub - Off Topic Forum, 5d 19h 28m 57s ago
455 posts
Latest post by Team classic
The CycleKart Video Thread
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, 5d 21h 8m 46s ago
13 posts
Latest post by JTremain
You never know.
Reply in the The Pub - Off Topic Forum, 6d 22m 41s ago
763 posts
Latest post by Smoky
CycleKart Inspiration Photos
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, 6d 2h 18m 28s ago
11 posts
Latest post by roadster1
A roller finally!!
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, May 17 23:43 ago
10 posts
Latest post by Little French
Working on the Monocar
Reply in the CycleKart Tech Forum, May 17 00:10 ago
556 posts
Latest post by JTremain
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Polystyrene Sheet
Journal new post in stewart s's Journal   AUS
22 posts
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64 posts
Latest post by CmdBentaxle
Sun April 2, 2006
CKC Library
Leather Care for Classic Cars
Article new comment or rating by Rick Lindsay   USA
Sat February 10, 2007
CKC Library
Wrench and Socket Reference
Article new comment or rating by Dave DuBois   Gold Member USA
Thu May 13, 2010
CKC Library
Bleeding The Hydraulic Clutch System
Article new comment or rating by Mike Maddux   USA
Wed January 18, 2012
CKC Library
Twist Drill Talk
Article new comment or rating by Tom Smith   USA
Tue March 29, 2011
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Car Bodywork 101: Lesson #1 Prep Work
Article new comment or rating by John D. Weimer   USA

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Cyclekart Introduction

Cyclekarts are compact, lightweight, sports machines, home and hand made by their drivers for the pursuit of classic motoring sporting excitement. They're not built to be serious race machines or show cars. They're built purely for the personal satisfaction and fun and of driving a machine you've built yourself. As driving machine, the CycleKart formula loosely limits certain aspects of the machines to maintain good sporting performance without jeopardising the light-hearted nature of these machines and the people who build them.

CycleKarts and their builders don't like to take things too seriously, but do encourage good, sporting competitions for fun. The Cyclekart specifications allow for all the cars built being similar in performance, without strictly governing the rules.

Cyclekarts are generally not for sale, as they should be an expression of the owner's individual styling interests as well as sharing the pride in building one's own unique kart. Cyclekarts are built for the pleasure of the imagination, the design and the building of the kart. Cyclekats are based on the styling of 1920s and 1930s race cars to pre WWII. Making it look good is fundamental, performance is secondary in the Cyclekarting community.

Please read the CycleKart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

Cyclekart Specifications

A single seat ½ scale home built car, built to the following loose specifications:

  • Styling - 1920s and 1930s race cars, maximum pre WWII. Make it look good. Performance is secondary
  • Overall Maximum Length - 98" (2490mm)
  • Overall Maximum Width - 40" (1020mm)
  • Wheel Base - 66" (1675mm)
  • Track - 38" (965mm)
  • Chassis Frame Rails – (2) 1" x 3" (25mm x 75mm) steel (1/16" thickness is sufficient)
  • Body Work – 1/4" (6mm) plywood and 3/4" (18mm) plywood monocoque box, or metal work
  • Body Width - 14" (355mm) wide at front axle, 20" (510mm) wide at seat back
  • Front Axle – 1-5/8" (41.5mm) O.D. tubing, dropped to accommodate the leaf springs
  • Rear Axle - 1" x 36" (25mm x 915mm) long axle
  • Front springs - 24" x 1-1/4" (610mm x 38mm), 2 leaf, 1/2 elliptic
  • Wheels and tyres – Honda 17" x 1-3/4" (177mm x 44.5mm)
  • Minimum Weight – N/A
  • Maximum Weight - 250 lbs (113.6 kg)
  • Engine - 200cc, single cylinder 6.5 hp Honda OHV engine (GX200)
  • Engine Location – Rear
  • Drive - Comet TAV-30 (or similar) unit to one wheel only
  • Drive Chain - #40 chain, 72 tooth main sprocket
  • Braking – Single rear wheel by mechanical disc. No front brakes allowed
  • Variation – Adjust all or any specifications above as required or desired

A great introduction video to member Stephen Cameron's CycleKart build:

Special Thanks

Thanks to Tom Ruth for desigining the great Cyclekart Club logo in the header, and David Lake for writing the intro text and helping to get this community started. And of course thanks to all CycleKarters out there keeping the spirit of motorsport alive!

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